The widespread popularity of high-protein diets is due in large part to their ability to help manage hunger. When protein is absorbed, it sends a signal to the brain to decrease your hunger. Another benefit of protein is that it raises your resting metabolism by maintaining muscle mass. As we age, muscle mass decreases without exercise, so staying fit is a key to burning fat by keeping your metabolism high. Protein also leads to a much less rapid rise and fall of blood sugar and insulin, so you avoid the “sugar highs and lows” after eating sweets without adequate protein. Certain foods, however, provide a healthier resource for protein than others.

You can obtain healthy sources of protein without high levels of saturated fat. For example, soybeans, nuts and whole grains provide protein without much saturated fat and offer plenty of healthful fiber and micro nutrients as well. If you’re looking for yet another great way to obtain healthy protein, vegetable sources of protein found in First Fitness Body FX shakes, are high quality and have lower calorie levels with virtually no added fat. First Fitness products personalize your daily protein intake to match your body’s needs. With a variety of shakes and snacks, First Fitness weight-management program helps you build or maintain lean muscle while providing healthy weight-management support. Now that you’ve increased your knowledge of protein, you can effectively enhance your diet and allow good health to take shape.

Body FX was formulated to counteract the problem of excess insulin secretion from over sensitivity to high glycemic index foods that comprise the modern diet, and to lower your internal set point. Body FX is a genetically correct food that supplies a constant ratio of protein to carbohydrates to fat in their preferred bionutritional form for losing excessive body fat. The ratio is 50% low-glycemic carbohydrates, 30% biologically usable protein, and 20 percent fatty acids.

First Fitness Body FX was created by the man who created the world’s first diet shake. Body FX is the most advanced diet shake on the market. If you tried the rest, now try the best.


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