First Fitness Weight Loss Script

Hello________, I’m calling you because you requested information about nutrition or weight loss programs. What can I do for you?


I also wanted you to know that today we are offering a special promotion where we give you free coaching and counseling.  This is all   done over the phone for your convenience. So we won’t just give you a program and expect you to figure it out for yourself. We hold your hand and help you every step of the way.

Now let me ask you a few questions to   figure out the best program for you ok?

  1. How much weight do you want to lose?
  2. What type of diets/program have you tried in the past?
  3. How did these programs work out for you?
  4. We have been very busy with our promotion, doing phone interviews to figure out who really serious about losing weight. There is a lot of work on our part. As I said before, we work with you to help you lose weight and get the results you want.  It’s not a fad diet or a product you buy and expect you to figure it all out on your own.     This is 100% guaranteed to work for  you in fact we back it up with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.  We only work with customers who are serious about losing weight. How serious are you about losing weight?
  5. One a scale of 1-10, where would you place your interest in losing weight?
  6. Tell me why? Whatis the reason you want to lose weight?
  7. Okay great! Let me explain how this program works because it is an extremely effective weight loss program. Basically there are four items to our program  products that are targeted for specific areas of the body like:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *Help remove inches and cellulite, love handles and fat  in hard to reduce areas for men                                                                                                                                               * Help block fat and cholesterol out of the food you eat and help keep your skin tight while you lose weight                                                                                                                                         *To help keep your energy at a high level all day, keep you from craving sweets and stop hunger pangs.                                                                                                                                           *Give you all the nutrition you need                                                                                                                                           *Help you control and normalize your appetite so you don’t feel hungry and most importantly……………………………….                                                                                        Whatever the reason was they failed with their  diets in the past …………….                                                                                                                                     So, even if you eat of stress, depression, or boredom, or you might be a bigger eater – if you are one of those people who can’t stop at eating three cookies, you eat the whole bag, or perhaps you are nibbler that eats all day long,  picking at foods constantly, or if you are just a plain out-of-control eater, doesn’t it make sense that it will help to control and normalize  your appetite so you just don’t feel hungry! The average weight loss is  10 – 30 lbs per month … and what happened to me was…….

Here is how this program works. To lose weight you replace  two meals per day with our special product Body FX.   Body FX is the most advanced meal replacement program in the world. It was created by Lee Causey, the man who developed the very first diet shake back in 1974.

Then you eat a normal third meal. Eat why you like. It doesn’t matter, Italian, Chinese,  you choose what you want. Our program will naturally help you cut back.

Some people eat a large chef salad for the first 7 days. Others eat a balanced meal with veggies. You choose. You will eat less. Pick the foods you like.

As mentioned before, right now we have a special promotion and will give you FREE counseling to make sure you are using the program correctly and make sure you get the results you want.  You will have your own personal coach. Pretty cool eh?

You will start each morning with a delicious meal replacement diet shake. Your choice of either Tropical creme or chocolate paradise which tastes like thick, frothy milkshakes, only low in calories and fat but rich in nutrition, especially protein as well as vitamins, minerals and herbs. And you will be glad to know that you can mix this shake with water and it tastes absolutely delicious.  No chalky texture. No mixing with milk.

Along with your shake you will take a special herbal energizer which gently speeds your metabolism and reduces your appetite. This is a maximum strength formula and a critical part of the program.

Do you know why so many people fail in their weight loss programs? (WAIT FOR ANSWER) Because as they reduce caloric intake,  their metabolism naturally slows down. This product, Zanoline Supreme speeds the metabolism in a natural and safe way.

Then you will take one Reneu tablet.  This product  supports cleansing and detoxification of the inner body and colon to help enhance the absorption of food, vitamins and minerals, promote good health, and optimize weight loss. This will also make you feel full.

Mid morning you will drink one serving of Trimbolic.  This product contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight. This is our exercise program in a can.  Guys find this removes love handles and that hard to reduce fatty tissue on the back of upper legs and other fat accumulation areas.

Ladies find this gets rid of that ugly cellulite that is so hard to get rid of it. It tastes delicious. I mix it in a blender with several ice cubes making it into a slush. If you take it at work, mix it and put it in a thermos.

I am also going to give you my personal cell number and email so you can call, text or email me anytime. I will respond immediately.

And you will get a menu guide to select the ideal foods and menues to choose from

This program is very inexpensive at only $6 per day that includes the entire program. Isn’t that amazing???

This is known as our ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS &
BODY SHAPING PROGRAM. Ultimate because it is the best program for weight loss available.

Here is what you get:

2 cans of Body Fx

1 bottle of Reneu

1 bottle of Zanoline Supreme

1 can of Trimbolic

This is a 30 day supply

30-day Program  |  5 powerful products
Supports fat burning + curbs appetite*
Cleanses the inner body and colon*
Includes meal replacement shakes*
Includes fat and cellulite fighter*
Menu Guide to keep you on track
Ok let’s get you started. Do you want your shake in Tropical Creme or Chocolate?
The total price is $189.95. Which credit card do you prefer to use?
If they object, go over benefits one more time. If they still refuse, downsell to
Ok Mr/Mrs.__________ Let me ask you, is it the price just not affordable for you? (Wait for answer)  If yes, then say
Then what I would suggest our accelerated program.  This averages out to $4 per day and what you get is
30-day Program  |  3 powerful products
Supports fat burning + curbs appetite*
Cleanses the inner body and colon*
Includes meal replacement shakes*
Menu Guide to keep you on track
Once again your  choice of flavors. The total price on this is $124.95 for everything. Which credit card do you want to use?
If they still say no, downsell to
Mr/Mrs. _____ we do have another program available, This is more of a starter program but good for people who have limited funds. With this program you get
30-day Program  |  2 powerful products
Supports fat burning + curbs appetite*
Cleanses the inner body and colon*
Menu Guide to keep you on track
This program supports fat burning, speeds the metabolism, curbs the appetite and cleanses your system. This is a good starter program and will get you ready for the more advanced programs. With this program you will eat normally, three times per day and supplement with these 2 powerful products. Obviously your results will be slower, but still steady.  This is not as good as the first two programs but is effective.
I can ship that out to you today.  Price is $89. 95 and this is a 30 day supply. Which credit card do you want to use.
Get their address, city and state after getting their credit card number.
Once order is complete,
While I have you on the phone, I would like to set up a time for followup with you.  Your products should arrive in 3 days. Today is__ how about if I call you _______? When is a good time for you?
Ok and here is my cell number, email if you need to reach me. Got that?
Ok! You made a wise investment in your health. Soon you will be on your way to being slim, happy and healthy.  Is there anything    else I can  do for you today?

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