Zavita script

Hello, Good Morning/afternoon/evening, how is it going today? My name is Tony. My corporate ID# IS 2707, I am calling from Anthony Health & Nutrition. Who am I speaking with?

We;; Mr/Mrs glad we connected. Can you hear me ok?

Great Mr/Mrs. We don’t just call anyone; we only call people who take a proactive interest in their health or people that take  natural products and let their bodies heal naturally. Would that apply to you?

IF THEY SAY NO: Well are you healthy, exercising and watching what you eat?  (let them answer)

IF YES: Well this isn’t a drug, medicine or even a vitamin. It is a food!  The product I’m calling you about is called ZAVITA

This product is unique and cannot be duplicated. It is so incredible that it is even listed in the PDR. Your doctor can look it up and read all about it.

What Zavita is…

Zavita is a legendary product that cannot be duplicated. The ingredients in this product are so outstanding that it is called THE ELIXIR OF LIFE. ZAVITA IS THE POWERFUL, liquid extraction of the Rainforests purest botanicals that comprise Elixa-da-vida.  Now for the first time, the ELIXIR OF LIFE,  as used and perfected by countless generations or traditional tribal healers of the Amazon is now available to everyone.

The ingredients in Zavita  have the unmatched ability to:

* Whole body wellness

  • Wellness
  • Internal Cleansing
  • Mental Clarity
  • Energy
  • Longevity

Zavita is an extraction of seven Amazon Rainforest Botanical Wonders that form the basis of the legendary “ELIXA-DA-VIDA”

In terms of scientific validation, ZAVITA stands alone!!! The last 20 years alone have seen the publication of more than 350 scientific studies supporting the remarkable range of health benefits offered by the indigenous plants that the basis of Zavita.

ZAVITA represents the synergistic convergence of Nature, human ingenuity and sensitivity and the latest scientific and technological advances to bring the Rainforest to a bottle, delivering a dose of whole body wellness, vitality, mental clarity, energy and longevity with every delicious sip.


After drinking Zavita, people often say they “feel better and stronger” immediately with a “powerful surge of life energy” Other recurring responses to Zavita include:

* “profound new strength, stamina and energy.”

* “Less nervousness, stress and tension.”

* Less desire to overeat”

* “Better digestion and elimination”

“stronger resistance and immune system”

* “fewer muscle pains after exercise”

* “mentally sharper, clear headed and more aware.”

* “deep, restful sleep”

* “Internally cleansed, balanced and feeling great”

* reinvigorated libido”

* “healthy lung functions”

* “Feel like a new person”

The ingredients in Zavita have been used for centuries in the Amazon Rainforest but now for the first time is available everywhere. Let me ask you, are you dealing with any underlying health issues today such as high blood pressure, Arthritis, Asthma, lung issues, feeling dizzy and confused or low energy levels??

As part of our special promotion, we are offering FREE COACHING with this. Yes, you will have you own personal coach who will guide and help you every step of the way. We won’t just send you the product and expect you to figure it all out by yourself. I’ll give you my personal cell phone and email so you can call, text or email me anytime if you have questions and will be following up on you via telephone several times per week. You get individualized attention and personal coaching.

And Zavita also has a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy, you get your money refunded in full.

(Write down conditions)

Now Mr/Mrs______, LET ME ASK you, could you afford $1.11 a day for these benefits?

You can enjoy all the benefits of Zavita for only $1.11 per day. It comes in  a case of 3 bottles . Our most successful clients start with 3 cases for  $445 will that be MC/VISA/DISC or AMEX???

If they object, downsell to 1 case for for only $133.50

As a absolute last resort, drop to 1 bottle for $44.50


If they indicate issues of digestion, suggest

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera
A delicious whole leaf Aloe Vera drink that contains over 120 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that supports good digestive health and whole body wellness.*
Explain that this makes the Zavita work even better while providing many vital nutrients and tastes great.  Also one of the only aloe vera products that contains the entire aloe leaf. Costs .77c per day, $36.95 per bottle.

Now what address do you want that shipped to:


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