Why Diets Don’t Work. How to really lose 30 lbs in 30 days and keep it off forever. By Tony DeFrancisco


Here are some others who have lost pounds and inches with this incredible NEW program:

In part one, we went through many details about why dieting doesn’t work and/or why people who do lose weight are unable to keep it off.

I am uniquely qualified to talk about weight loss because I have been fighting the battle of the bulge all of my life. When I was 7 years old, I was the recipient of a dubious award at our family reunion as the heaviest child in our family for our age group and for several age groups above mine.

When I was 13 years old, I began weight training and was a 98 lb weakling only with a twist. Even at 98 lbs I was soft, pudgy and had a pot belly.

I have easily lost over 1,000 lbs in my lifetime. The same 1,000 pounds. Lose 25, gain back 30. Lose 35 lbs gain back 40.

Not long ago I found myself weighing 255 lbs.. That is a lot of bulk on a small 5ft 4  1/2-inch frame.  I was having breathing issues. Getting out of the car was very difficult. My clothes were extremely tight and I was constantly replacing my clothes with newer larger sizes. I felt like I needed to buy elastic pants.

So when I say things about overweight people I am not making fun. I have been one of them and still not skinny.  I’ve never had to run around in the shower to get wet.

So I know how hard it is to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. Those pounds always seem to find a way of creeping back on again. And so much quicker than when they came off.

Some people say, “Losing weight is easy. All you have to do is diet and exercise” In theory, that is correct. In reality, not necessarily. I work out at LA Fitness here in Orlando, FL  and have seen many members come in for 5 years. They were pudgy when they started, trimmed and toned a little, but no real long term results. Some had significant results and then gained it all back again. I was also in that group, until recently.

The average American diet lasts about 72 hours before dieters get frustrated and quit. Some last longer. But not much longer.

In part one we discussed some of the science of the new program that I am using. We also discussed some of the dangers of being overweight.  Aside from being unsightly, every excess pound of fat shortens life and causes illness. It is only not pretty, but bad for you.

We also touched on yo-yo dieting.  Researchers have found “yo-yo” dieting may be as bad for you as too much weight in the first place. It is also well documented that being overweight catalyzes the degenerative diseases of aging and shortens an otherwise healthy lifespan. With data like this, it is no wonder why so many Americans are frustrated, discouraged and literally sick from diet failure.

Another issue is that while losing weight every pound of weight loss is replaced with 1 1/4 lbs of water. This is a built in governor to prevent you from losing weight too fast BUT…. is very frustrating to the dieter.

We also debunked the theory that overweight is merely a case of  just over eating. In fact, many experts seem to agree on a new viewpoint on obesity. Until recently, the major cause of being chronically overweight was erroneously  believed to be over eating. If this were the case, however,  excessive body fat could easily be eliminated as a major debilitator of health just by cutting back on portions of food. But this is not the case. There are obviously other factors at work such as genetic code, environmental  challenges and social influences.

Anyone who has dieted for any length of time knows that merely cutting back on calories does not cut it. And when you cut back on calories, you also cut back on nutrition and suffer the dieters plaque; hunger pangs, tiredness, irritability, nervousness and more. People on typical diets look tired and haggard. Some on extreme diets look like death warmed over. This is very frustrating to the dieter. For those who can stay on a program like this, they may lose some weight, but as already mentioned quickly regain lost weight plus a few more pounds to boot.

We also defined certain issues on why people could not lose weight effectively:

*Set Point Problems–Research with humans has found that each person has a programmed “set point” This set point works much like a thermostat in your home to maintain constant temperature. But in this case, fat, not temperature, is regulated. It has been postulated that individual fat cells control this set point: when the fat cells become smaller, it sends a message to the brain to eat. Since obese and overweight individuals often have more and larger fat cells, the result is an overpowering urge to eat.  This explains why most diets  don’t work. While the over weight individual can fight off the impulse for a time, eventually the signal becomes too strong to ignore. The result is “rebound overeating,” often exceeding the individuals previous weight. In addition, his or her set point becomes established at an even higher level – making it even more difficult to lose weight.

*Defective Thermogensis-when you attempt to diet, your body works against you by slowing your metabolic rate so you store more of the food you are eating as fat than you would if you were not restricting your caloric intake.

This is part of a built in program that protects people from starvation if food supplies become scarce. This is one reason why, when you go “off” a diet, you quickly accumulate more fat because the body is programmed to think another diet might strike at any time.  So your  set point “signals” your body to eat.

This is similar to retaining fluids as mentioned above. Only in this case, your metabolism slows down. Again, very frustrating to the dieter.

And we talked about the key to real weight loss a process called “thermogensis”  which means “the generation of heat” To increase body temperature, the cells have to burn calories to make heat. And the major fuel for generating heat is fat. Thermogensis is a normal physiological process that serves two functions:

1) To prevent fats consumed at meals  from being stored as “white” fat

2) To burn stored calories  acquired from stored white fat

The result: You lose weight. But more importantly, the weight you lose will be fat. On most diets, weight lost is typically lean tissue and water.

A major issue with losing lean tissue is not only will your body/figure look sloppy, but lean tissue also burns calories even at rest. So less lean tissue, slower fat loss or even more fat retained.

Our program helps to reverse these issues.

1) Thermogenic Activator-this helps support fat loss and produce  a feeling of energizing vitality. It supports your efforts to lose weight and inches. Also as discussed previously,  the genetic mechanisn that helps people stay thin is called “Thermogenesis” This process, however, frequently malfunctions and causes excess caloric storage as “white fat”

However, when this defect is corrected by a process known as “thermogenic reactivation” thermogenic capacity is not only restored, but may continue to increase.

Me at 188 lbs after reactivating thermogenic factors.  And only after using this program for three weeks. Dropping from 212 lbs.  Thermogensis is for real folks! When you use the right products.

Research has focused reactivating the Brown Fat (thermogenesis) by the administration of certain natural botanical factors and nutrients which safely stimulate that part of the nervous system responsible for controlling brown fat. This is the basis of our fat burner product, a unique synergy of thermogenic plant materials and coactive  thermogenic nutrient catalysts.  Combined, very small amounts of these thermogenic  substances formed what can be viewed  as a essentially new compound with a thermogenic action which is substantially greater than that produced by any of the individual herbs in a like amount. This serves to keep the chances of side effects to a bare minimum while maximizing thermogenesis.



A breakthrough program overcoming the primary factors that cause you to gain weight. A successful program for  losing excessive body fat is consistent with the basic tenets of holistic health and counteracts each of the previously discussed primary factors which are responsible which are responsible for being overweight. All components are critical and interrated, creating a system where no single component is more important than another. Improvement is one facet that may be enough to result  in some positive changes, but impacting all three yields the greatest weight loss results.

This system is a synergy of four powerful products that includes and exclusive fat burning menu using real foods. It includes the use of sugar free gelatin, a well designed assortment of food flavorings, liquids, a variety of meat, fish and poultry, fruits, salad materials and thermic vegetables. Thermic vegetables are those that promote rapid weight loss because they consume more calories than they contain.

The Thermogenic product is one of four products in our system. Other parts include (2)  a total colon and body cleanser,  (3) a bio-genetically designed meal replacement containing correct macronutrients in a time released formula and (4) a fat blocker and cellulite reducer. This latter product gives fat a one way ticket out of your body. It is your best friend and fat and cellulite worst enemy.

Finally there are thermic vegetables which cause your body to burn more calories than what they contain while providing necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your body while on a reduced calorie diet program. Talk about WIN/WIN!!

I have tried many diet programs. This one has been a joy to be on. Feel  great. Eat real foods and get rapid results. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Tony DeFrancisco  is a weight control consultant and wellness coach. He has been involved in physical culture, fitness, health and bodybuilding since 1964. He has helped over 1,000 people lose weight and improve their health since 1976.   He can be reached attonydefrancisco@yahoo.com (407) 678-7235  

Visit his website: 



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