Why Diets Don’t Work. How to really lose 30 lbs in 30 days and keep it off forever. Pt 4 By Tony DeFrancisco, wellness specialist

In parts 1,2 and 3 we discussed why traditional diets don’t work. We also discussed why even exercising with dieting doesn’t work for most people. The fact is, most people are too far out of shape to set off the metabolic fire with exercise. It takes too long.  And there are many people who are handicapped in some way who cannot exercise.

I work out at LA Fitness here in Winter Park, FL. I see many people who have been coming in for years. Some make some initial results and then quit.  It simply takes too long to keep them interested.

That said, there is nothing that will add years to your life or life to your years better than regular exercise.  If you can do it, I highly recommend 3 weight training and cardio workouts a week, as long as you can do so safely. Also be sure to get a complete medical checkup and a bill of health from your doctor before engaging in any exercise program.

We also  discussed the components of the program I am suggesting here which includes 1)A thermogenic generator, 2) A cleanser, 3) Bioenginereered meals 4) A powerful fat blocker, 5) Thermic Vegetables, 6) Your own personal wellness coach.

Obesity hurts more than your appearance.

In part three, we went into depth about the cleansing product and why it is so important to cleanse your colon.  Overtime junk builds up in your system, clogging it and preventing your body from absorbing good, quality nutrients.

Many years ago, I worked at our local hospital in a small town in Pennsylvania. On my way out the door, I was passing the morgue enroute to the parking lot. A forensic doctor stopped me and invited me into his “office’ (the morgue) He had a corpse laying on the slab and a pile of gook on top of a scale.He told me that that the pile of gook was the deceased colon. Then asked me how much I thought a colon weighed. I guessed around 10-12 lbs. He said it should be about half that but the deceased colon weighed over 125 lbs. Then he told me that the deceased family was concerned as to why this young man died (he was only in his 30s) Well duh!

This doctor knew I was into health and nutrition and thought I would be interested in this. I was. Fascinating. I never forgot it.  Shortly thereafter, I began eating high fiber foods and taking herbal cleansing products.  Nothing has worked as well as this product however.

When I was 6-7 years old, back in the 1950s, my father found a hole in wall with plaster coming down. He desperately wanted to fill it up but had nothing available to use. This was late on a saturday night and in the 1950s, there were no 24 hr stores like we have now. So my dad asked my mom for some white flour. Dad mixed it with some water in a bowl, used a putty knife and filled the hole. He waited awhile while I watched.  I didn’t think it would work. Dad asked me to come over, balanced me on a ladder and with my little hand, I felt the white flour in the wall. It was as hard as a rock!

Then I started to think if that white flour does that to a wall, what does it do inside our bodies? My mom was a great cook and a great baker and we ingested a lot of white flour foods.  While my parents tried to convince me that the human body is much different that a wall, the fact is that we absorb and maintain much of that white flour over time in our bodies.

Sometime ago, I met a powerlifter/bodybuilder who was ingesting a popular protein shake mix promoted in the magazines and sold through stores. Over time, this powder laid like cement in his stomach. He found out that the product contained a lot of white flour and other indigestible factors. Doctors suggested surgery.  Instead he went on a program of drinking aloe vera,  a colon cleanser, high fiber foods and  over weeks broke down this junk. He said eliminating it was like crapping bricks.  But he was glad to get rid of it.

The average person has 7 – 25 lbs of undigestible red meat in their system.

Aside from white flour, there is also the red meat factor which many of us have heard about. Question: Are you doing anything about it?

We also talked about set points and why people who do  not getting results are not cheating and why it is not their fault. There are other forces at play here.

Now let’s talk about the bio-engineered meals. This product contains bio-genetically correct macronutrients in a time released formulation (releasing nutrients into your bloodstream for a full six hours) to provide calorie reduction, and is a delicious meal replacement.  Scientists have found that eating too much fat is not a primary factor for gaining fat. An over consumption of refined carbohydrates is the primary reason for becoming fat. The fashionable low calories and high carbohydrate   diets  that consist of breads, cereals, grains (and have a high glycemic index) are the real fat gaining demons of today.

This product was formulated to counteract the problem of excessive insulin secretion from over sensitivity to high glycemic index foods that comprise the modern diet, and to lower your internal set point.  This is a genetically correct food that supplies a constant ratio of protein to carbohydrates to fatin their preferred bionutritional form for losing excessive body fat. The ratio is 50% low glycemic carbohydrates, 30 percent biologically usable protein, and 20 percent essential fatty acids.

As an aside, this product also tastes delicious. Why do people overeat? For taste right. Now they can eat a biologically engineered food that is good for them, supplies the macro nutrients in the right order and tastes fantastic. And they will be getting nutrition in a time released fashion, not  just one shot. This curbs hunger and keeps you nourished all day long.

The bio-engineered meals are meal replacements that are truly delicious, time released and properly balanced in the proper ratio of carbohydrates, protein and essential fats. Also contains micro nutrutients, vitamins and minerals, herbs and digestive enzymes.  You have never experienced anything like this and I challenge you to find another meal replacement that even comes close. 

Fat blocker-gives fat a a one way ticket out of your body. When you are not absorbing dietary fat, you’re using up stored fat. This unique blend of fibers not only keeps dietary fat from being absorbed, but also helps support  healthy blood sugar. This is your best friend and fat and cellulites worst enemy.

Why you need to lose fat, not just weight.  

A new plan for reducing, safely and keeping it off forever.  Your body will thank you for this.  In the years to come, this will become a household name. 

The program known as Suddenly Slim which is sweeping the nation. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

How this system works…….

You take one or two bioengineered meals per day.  This food provides 50% low-glycemic carbs, 30% biologically usable protein, and 20% essential fatty acids. These are the good fats everyone forgets about…and it shows.

Then you take the special thermogenic formula 2-3 times per day to gently and safely charge up your metabolism.

You take the herbal cleanser 1-2 times per day but especially before your main meal and before you go to bed at nigh with a large glass of water.

And you take a fat blocker drink before your main meal and as a inbetween snack. I take it twice a day and can’t be without it.  This is a delicious and as my wife says a “very refreshing” drink. Tastes like a thick slurpee. Only good for you. This combines with the herbal cleanser but most importantly gives fat a one way ticket out of your body.  This helps fat from being absorbed and also maintains blood sugar levels.

You eat one colorful meal per day.  A balanced meal and real foods; meat, fish, poultry, and fruits.

Drinks lots of water.

Diet Balm-This is a new product. If you have a lot of weight to lose you may still get hunger pains. This goes on like chapstick for men or lipstick for women. It kills your appetitite. One gentleman  started to use this product earlier this year. Weighed 320 lbs and lost 40 lbs in 2 months.

I have tried many diet programs. This one has been a joy to be on. Feel  great. Eat real foods and get rapid results. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Tony DeFrancisco  is a weight control consultant and wellness coach. He has been involved in physical culture, fitness, health and bodybuilding since 1964. He has helped over 1,000 people lose weight and improve their health since 1976.   He can be reached at tonydefrancisco@yahoo.com (407) 678-7235  

Visit his website: 


For 5-7 people serious about losing weight and earning a serious income.



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