New Slim Balm is making losing weight easier than ever. By Tony DeFrancisco, Weight Control Consultant

trust everyone is having a fantastic summer. As we are into August and summer is winding down, fall will be upon us very soon.

For those of us who are Floridians, summer-like weather will last untill October November. So it is still shorts and warm weather clothing.

My main reason for contacting you is to let  you know how things are going. I have a gentleman who weighed 300 lbs. He told me he had to lose weight or order a coffin. He lost 30 lbs in his first month. Second month he lost over 50 pounds. He looks like a new man and cancelled his order for a coffin. Instead he has ordered all new clothes and took a trip to Hawaii.

A lady lost 22 lbs in three weeks.

Others are losing up to 30 lbs in 30 days, look great and are never hungry.

I lost 20 lbs this summer on top of the 55 lbs I had lost earlier. My big achilles  heel as many of you who know me are aware is sweets especially chocolate. I started using a new product called Slim Balm. This is the first transdermal product that reduces your cravings for sweets.  When I heard that, I knew I had to try it. Glad I did. I am sharing it with others like my friend Bill as mentioned above who lost 75 lbs in 2 months.

I am also working with another meal replacement shake in addition to the Herbal shake that many of you are on. This one is unique in that it can be mixed with water and creates a thick, delicious shake that tastes incredible. Think about it; why are people overweight? Because food tastes so good right? Imagine eating, or in this case drinking a low calorie nutritionally balanced shake that actually tastes delicious. You can eat yourself thin as Bill and many others have been doing.

This shake also provides on average 50% of the USRDA of the essential vitamins and minerals and is loaded with herbal nutrients. I have never seen a shake so complete as this one. And it is very inexpensive. Under $40 per canister.

A side benefit of the Slim Balm  is pain relief.  The essential oils and aromatherapy have a calming effect on people suffering from pain related stress. You will also be relieved to know that this product is very inexpensive. Only $19.99. For less than $20 you get a quality product that eliminate your desire for sweets.

Slim Balm-This is a new product. If you have a lot of weight to lose you may still get hunger pains. This goes on like chapstick for men or lipstick for women. It kills your appetitite. One gentleman  started to use this product earlier this year. Weighed 320 lbs and lost 40 lbs in 2 months.

On your lips and off your hips………….

While I always recommended that people use water with the Herbal shake, many reported that it tasted bland that way. Not with this shake!  When it tastes great, you will drink every day, twice a day without fail.

This shake also makes you feel full and is priced lower than the Herbal shake. It comes in two flavors. Vanilla and chocolate.  You have to try this one. You’ll love it.  No gritty taste. Doesn’t stick to your blender or glass.  The best of money and science has come together to create this awesome product.

Another product my clients are using is a cellulite and fat removal drink. It is similiar to celluloss except you mix it with water and drink it. It is delicious. Gets rid of cellulite on women, love handles on men fast. Available in lemon or orange flavors. Perfect for ladies who have difficulty dropping weight and inches and hit plateaus often. You’ll love this product.

The other product I am working with a is internal cleanse that completely cleans the colon in a easy to take pill.  This is primarily a health product that everyone should be one. I was feeling and looking bloated untill using this.  A lot  of products claim to cleanse the system but really don’t.  It’s not how much nutritition you take in, it is what you absorb.  By cleansing the system,  your body absorbs and uses nutrients you take in.  It also affects weight loss.

Not all products are created equal. Some are better. These are the best.


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