Meal Replacement shakes can help you get and stay lean & trim and improve eating habits. By Tony DeFrancisco, wellness coach

I first used meal replacement shakes back in 1974 in an effort to help me reduce from 190 lbs to 165 lbs for powerlifting events.  This was unheard of back then. No one that I knew was doing this and many people even suggested that it might be dangerous.  I used it and it worked admirably. My weight dropped to the 165 lb class for the powerlifting event. I lost weight with only marginable strength loss. Actually broke two state records that day that were set at the world championships the year before by a world champion.  I was sold on meal replacements as a viable way to lose weight safely without deprivation.

Our local wrestling coach started using the protein shakes for his team. Previously wrestlers could make weight were weak and tired from the process. One wrestler even had to withdraw from a major tournament due to cramping from electrolyte losses. With the meal replacements his wrestlers made weight, felt fantastic and no cramps.

In 1976 I was retired from powerlifting and no longer training 4-5 times per week.  I began marketing and using a weight loss product that was the first official high protein meal replacement. Little did I know that while I was experimenting with meal replacements in 1974,  another man was also experimenting with meal replacements in Jacksonville, FL through his gyms. It was called magic powder and gym members lost weight like crazy. My weight had risen back to over 190 to over 200 lbs. Using this product, my weight dropped to 175 very quickly.  Others who used this product experienced the same results. One of my buddies lost 75 lbs very quickly. This product became known as Slender Now.

So the big  question is why do these meal replacements work? There are several reasons.

* Concentrated Nutrition – a lot of protein, very low calories

* Easy to make. Throw in a blender. Takes minutes and it’s ready.

* Protein is filling. Fills you up without filling you out

* No need to count calories. Who has time for that?

* No need to plan meals. Meal replacements are balanced. It is done      for you.

* Total Nutrition. Provides protein, carbs, essential fatty acids,              vitamins and minerals, fiber, botanicals and more. BUT be wary of  the meal replacement you use. Not all are complete.

* Can be mixed with water.  Easily accessible.  Don’t recommend    using  dairy products.  

* Can add fruits. My favorite is to throw in a handful of strawberries

* Tastes delicious. Easy to digest.  If it tastes good you will look  forward to taking it. Easily digestible, You feel light, not bloated.

*Very Portable. Mix your shake at home, put it  in a thermos and so  easy to take with you wherever you go.  What could be easier?

The most advanced meal replacement product, in my opinion is Body FX. Created by the same man who created Slender Now back in the 1970s.

These are sometimes called bio-engineered meals because it contains the macro nutritients in the right portions.

Let’s talk about the bio-engineered meals. This product contains bio-genetically correct macronutrients in a time released formulation (releasing nutrients into your bloodstream for a full six hours) to provide calorie reduction, and is a delicious meal replacement.  Scientists have found that eating too much fat is not a primary factor for gaining fat. An over consumption of refined carbohydrates is the primary reason for becoming fat. The fashionable low calories and high carbohydrate   diets  that consist of breads, cereals, grains (and have a high glycemic index) are the real fat gaining demons of today.

This product was formulated to counteract the problem of excessive insulin secretion from over sensitivity to high glycemic index foods that comprise the modern diet, and to lower your internal set point.  This is a genetically correct food that supplies a constant ratio of protein to carbohydrates to fatin their preferred bionutritional form for losing excessive body fat. The ratio is 50% low glycemic carbohydrates, 30 percent biologically usable protein, and 20 percent essential fatty acids.

As an aside, this product also tastes delicious. Why do people overeat? For taste right. Now they can eat a biologically engineered food that is good for them, supplies the macro nutrients in the right order and tastes fantastic. And they will be getting nutrition in a time released fashion, not  just one shot. This curbs hunger and keeps you nourished all day long.

Great for people who suffer from milk allergies.  This shake can be mixed with water.

The early versions of meal replacements and many programs still marketed today, use milk.  This is a horrible choice for those who suffer from lactose intolerance (milk allergies)  To make matters worse, many people use whole milk which is too high in calories and fat. Even 1% or 2% milk is not that good for you. Skim milk looks diseased.  Better to stay away from milk.  Our product provides as much protein as the other shakes which require milk and can be mixed with water and tastes absolutely thick and delicious.

The bio-engineered meals are meal replacements that are truly delicious, time released and properly balanced in the proper ratio of carbohydrates, protein and essential fats. Also contains micro nutrutients, vitamins and minerals, herbs and digestive enzymes.  You have never experienced anything like this and I challenge you to find another meal replacement that even comes close. 

Tony DeFrancisco is a weight control consultant/wellness coach who has been in physical culture for over 40 years. He first began using meal replacements in 1974 and feels that they are the best way for the average person to lose weight and maintain a trim,  healthy appearance.  He also feels that they are the most nutritionally complete foods.  He can be reach via his website:

(407) 761-3055


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