Spooktacular Weight Loss Results: My Weight Loss Journey from 250 to 176. By Tony DeFrancisco

Not too long ago my weight was a hefty 250 lbs. For a 60+ year old who stands only 5’4″  3/4  high, that is a ton of weight. My blood pressure was high. I felt stuffed all the time. I tried to justify this weight due to the fact that I lost a kidney and had a heart attack several years ago. Everybody knows that you gain weight with only one kidney and after having heart problems right? Plus I was in my 60s and this is an age where your activity slows down (even for normal healthy people) and your metabolism really becomes sluggish.

My before picture at 250 lbs. I didn’t even have a neck!

A full body shot with my beautiful wife Rosemary and my aunt Caroline who recently turned 97.  Look at my gut! Jeeeesssh Gods!!! Talk about a pot  belly!!!!

I was using a popular Herbal weight loss program and actually started to lose weight. But it was the famous yo-yo routine. Take it off, put it back on.  I spend hours in the gym. Up to 90 minutes on the treadmill. And created my own “Iron Man Aerobic” routine of 90 minutes of non stop cardio going form the treadmill to the lifecycle, then to the aerobic rower and finish with the stair climber. I did lose weight with this but was always exhausted and what a lot of time spent in the gym!

My clothes were tight. I was bulging all over. Waist definitely sticking out. Big potbelly.  This was embarrassing.

That was then. Now this is now. Last night I weighed in at 176 1/4. A huge Drop.

Now down to 176 1/4 and still dropping. I started this program on Sept 5, 2015.  This program works fast.

My blood pressure was high, 165/115, high pulse. Now down to 120/80, normal pulse. Body fat has decreased by 40%. Waist down 7 inches. Feel much better. No, I’m not thin. But thinner. More to the point as a 64 year old senior citizen, I had been fighting the yo-yo weight loss-gain it back for years. Now I finally found something that works and keeps working.

A question I get is, “Ok it’s working for you, who else is it working for?’ Good question. Check this out…..


Here are a few more…………


My goal was to get down to 165-170. Now I have set a new goal of 155-160 which is more appropiate for someone my height

This program allows you to eat real foods, has four products plus FREE coaching. The fat melts right off.  By the way, didn’t just lose weight, lost fat, lost inches, gained energy and feel incredible!

Within the next five years this weight loss program will become a household name and everyone will be using it.  Have you tried to lose weight and been dissappointed with the results? If you tried the rest, now try the best. Nothing works better than this. I have tried them all. And if it works this well for a 64 year old, with one kidney who had a heart attack, what can it do for you?

By the way, I am healthier than I have been in years. Feel like I found the fountain of youth.

Message, text or call me (407) 761-3055


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