Why Diets Don’t Work. How To Really Lose up to 30lbs in 30 Days and Keep it off forever. PT 5 By Tony DeFrancisco, Wellness Specialist

1) Typical dieting leaves you hungry, tired and irritable. You end up losing lean    tissue and water and very little fat.

2) Everyone should exercise and exercise will burn calories and tone you up. So why doesn’t it work for most people in trying to lose weight? Because most people are so out of shape that they can’t (nor should they)  train with the intensity required to set off the metabolic fire to affect weight and fat loss. Thus trainees get discouraged and quit

3) Exercise is a regular almost daily discipline that many do not want to engage in, at least initially.

4) Most traditional diets leave you nutritionally depleted. As you cut calories, you cut nutrition.

5) As we age our metabolisms slow down making it more and more difficult to control weight.

6) Many of us have those little rascals called Candida Albicans that trigger sweet cravings. Just as our diet is going great, we have to have something sweet. And these sweets contain empty calories and cause blood sugar levels to sky rocket. Sugar also causes you to retain more fat.

7) The cardinal rule in losing weight is less calories, obviously. The less calories we consume, the less we should weigh right? Then how come it doesn’t work?

Your body needs the macro nutrients protein, carbohydrates and essential fats everyday.  As well as micro nutrients vitamins, minerals, trace minerals. And they must be provided in the proper ratio.  The typical American diet is way too high in refined carbohydrates. Too high in fat filled protein and saturated fats, the wrong type of fats. Aside from what we eat, what we drink is also bad; soft drinks, processed juices and too much alcohol.  Also the energy drinks which are primarily sugar and caffeine with some cheap, synthetic vitamins and minerals thrown in. The problem with these energy drinks is that aside from being bad for you, they throw your blood sugar and metabolism into a tailspin.

We also talked about the importance of cleansing our systems. Why our digestive tracts get blocked up over time and this impedes our weight loss goals. For more information on this go back to Parts 1 through 4.

Set points were also discussed. We explained why people who are not cheating are still not getting results and it is now your fault. Other forces are at play here.

Then we discussed bio-engineered meals via meal replacement shakes.  And I threw out a challenge for anyone to show me a shake that even comes  close to ours. No one answered the challenge and no wonder. No other meal replacement can come close. I’ve been using meal replacements since 1974 and feel uniquely qualified to make that statement. Our shake is thick and delicious and can be mixed with water. Provides all the macro nutrients in the right proportion plus other nutrients.  It is delicious and filling and most importantly…nutritious. It feeds the body properly.

I also went a little into my back ground. That I have always had to fight the battle of the bulge. Here is me weighing 250 lbs.

Jeesh. Where is my neck? Talk about overweight.

And here I am again in a full body shot weighing 250 lbs sometime ago. Look at that gut! I am bulging through my clothes. 

I was using a popular Herbal weight loss program and working out hard at the gym and lost 25 lbs. Taking my weight down under 220. But it was the old y0-yo routine. I developed a program of working out with weights 3-5 times per week and 3 days of cardio with one “Iron Man” Routine doing 90 mins of non stop cardio going from the treadmill to the lifecycle to the aerobic rower to the stairclimber. This was gruelling and time consuming. It worked except whenever I took a break, my weight shot right back up. I would regain 2-5 lbs and I was constantly hungry, especially craving sweets.

On September 5th, I started a new program,mostly nutritional which is the one I refer to here. I lost 5 lbs the first day and 15 lbs in the first 10 days. In less than 4 weeks I dropped 33 lbs, 40 inches and 7 waistline inches. Most of all, I feel fantastic.

Last Friday I weighed in at 176 lbs. The lightest I have been since 1974. The weight and fat is melting off of me. My goal is to get down to 155-160. I feel I can reach this before Christmas easy.

I am not alone. Here are some others who have benefited from this program:

Some people have asked me for before and after pictures and promised that If I shared mine they would share theirs.  There are mine. I’m waiting for yours now.

I am big on supplements because it is so hard to get good nutrition solely by eating regular foods alone.  Our program has four components:

1) Thermogenic Generator-Remember those fat burners from the 90s? This product works much faster than they ever did and most importantly, is a safe product. Creates “Thermogensis”  (heat) within the body which creates a metabolic fire and causes the body to burn fat at a very fast (and safe) rate

2) Candida Albican remover – those little rascals ruin our diets everytime. This product cleanses the system and removes candida albicans so you can take those pounds off and keep them off forever.

3) Bio-engineered meals- One of the most overlooked factors while dieting is getting the right nutrition.  Usually safety is the last consideration. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can get those pounds and inches off without compromising your health.  Bio-engineered meals gives you super nutrition with super foods.

Many people are still using shakes that require you to mix them with milk. When I was a teen and just starting to lift weights, we were taught to drink a lot of milk. It was supposed to be good for you. One thing I noticed was that the more milk I drank, while I did get bigger and stronger, I also got fatter. Years later I switched to 1%-2% milk. Less fat but the fact is, dairy products are not really that good for you and so many people suffer from lactose intolerance: they can’t digest milk. So they go on a weight loss shake that requires milk, 2 times per day, get sick and think all shakes are bad. Not so.  Stop Using Milk In Your Shakes.  OR At least use sparingly. 

BTW. Our meal replacement is time released so you get a gradual release of nutrition throughout the day, rather than just one big blast.

Metabolic Fat Blocker – This one we talked a little about. This product I believe will become ever more successful than the diet shake. This is not a  meal replacement, but a delicious drink you take right before your main meal and as a snack in between meals. What it does is it bonds with the fat in the food you eat and eliminates it. It also maintains your blood sugar level throughout the day.  This helps to eliminate sugar cravings.  This product is great for women who have that dreaded condition called Cellulite and men with those handlebars on the side of the waist and fatty tissue on the back of the legs. This product also curbs hunger pangs. You feel full and have a high level of energy.

Contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight

How this system works…….

You take one or two bioengineered meals per day.  This food provides 50% low-glycemic carbs, 30% biologically usable protein, and 20% essential fatty acids. These are the good fats everyone forgets about…and it shows.

Then you take the special thermogenic formula 2-3 times per day to gently and safely charge up your metabolism.

You take the herbal cleanser 1-2 times per day but especially before your main meal and before you go to bed at night with a large glass of water.

And you take a metabolic fat blocker drink before your main meal and as a in between snack. I take it twice a day and can’t be without it.  This is a delicious and as my wife says a “very refreshing” drink. Tastes like a thick slurpee. Only good for you. This combines with the herbal cleanser but most importantly gives fat a one way ticket out of your body.  This helps fat from being absorbed and also maintains blood sugar levels.

You eat one colorful meal per day.  A balanced meal and real foods; meat, fish, poultry, and fruits.

Drinks lots of water.

Diet Balm-This is a new product. If you have a lot of weight to lose you may still get hunger pains. This goes on like chapstick for men or lipstick for women. It kills your appetitite. One gentleman  started to use this product earlier this year. Weighed 320 lbs and lost 40 lbs in 2 months.

On your lips and off your hips………….


I have tried many diet programs. This one has been a joy to be on. Feel  great. Eat real foods and get rapid results. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Tony DeFrancisco  is a weight control consultant and wellness coach. He has been involved in physical culture, fitness, health and bodybuilding since 1964. He has helped over 1,000 people lose weight and improve their health since 1976.   He can be reached at tonydefrancisco@yahoo.com (407) 678-7235  

Visit his website: 


For 5-7 people serious about losing weight and earning a serious income.



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