CAUTION: Fad Diets Don’t Work and Can Be Dangerous To Your Health. By Tony DeFrancisco

Way back in November, 1978, in the wake of the Liquid Protein Fad diet, I wrote this article for our local newspaper, The Press-Enterprise in Berwick, Pa. This article evoked a tremendous response in our community and was picked up by other newspapers in our region and state. Many people thanked me publicly for saving them from the ravages of a disastrous scam called Liquid Protein.

Now, nearly 40 years later, the gimmicky, fad diets and products still abound. This is an edited version of that article I wrote so many years ago. Interesting too that then as now, I was involved in a quality nutritional company with Lee Causey. Back then it was Slender Now. Today it is Suddenly Slim. This is the most advanced weight loss program on the market. I have lost 90 lbs with it. Safe and effective. Read on. Comments welcome….

CAUTION: Fad Diets Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
By Tony C DeFrancisco

Over 42 years ago, a young charismatic man named Lee Causey entered into the weight loss industry with a product called Slender Now. Lee’s owned chain of health spas in the southeastern united states and his ambition was driven by the dissatisfaction of his spa members in losing weight. Lee wanted to find a product that would help people lose weight safely and he did just that with Slender Now. This was back in 1974 and Slender Now was the world’s first diet shake. Today the most advanced version of the Slender Now product is made available by First Fitness called Body FX and also created by Lee Causey.

Things have not changed a whole lot since 1974. There are still diet fads and gimmicks out there. And even with the success of First Fitness Body FX, today in 2016, there are more people overweight than ever before.

Unfortunately many people have fallen prey to huksters and promoters of gimmicky products and diet plans, some of which are very dangerous. In the 1970’s, we had the liquid protein fad which in turn caused over 1030 reported deaths. In the 1990s we had the fat burner products using dangerous ingredients like Mau Huang and Ephedra.

The liquid protein diets of the 1970s, aside from being dangerous also caused confusion with safe and effective diet shake products like the Slender Now program I was promoting and using at the time. Liquid Protein was incomplete protein derived from cowhide and pigs. Add some cherry or orange flavoring and now you had a gel like product that was used as a sole source diet product. It only contained 300 calories, 0 carbs, high protein, but no usable protein and no real food. No salads. No fruits. No veggies and you were also advised to restrict water. No wonder people died on this FAD DIET!

Today we still have dangerous diets that purport to stall the hunger so you lose weight. Does it work? Yes. Is it safe? Hardly.

The first rule should always be safety. Complete nutrition is the rule. When dieters reduce calories, they also cut back on nutrition so therefore, diet products that merely cut the appetite will make you eat less for sure but end up nutritionally depleted.

The ideal diet program is one that provides the macro nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids plus fiber and the micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Should be at least 1,000 calories and Include real food. Also the program that creates weight loss should be very similar to what you use to maintain your weight otherwise you will merely regain the weight you lost.

And real foods lets you enjoy life while you are dieting. How many times have you been on a diet and lamented, “I can’t wait until I take this weight off so I can go back to eating some foods I love.”

I have lost over 90 lbs using a sensible program after failing miserably for years and I get to eat the foods I love. Always have at least one meal a day eating fish or meat, veggies and a salad. Also include grains daily with my daily serving of oatmeal.

Here are some other tips:

Weigh and measure yourself. Get a fat to muscle analysis done. When using a good program, you will lose fat more than mere weight and maintain even build muscle. In the long run this will keep you trim and healthy.

For quick and safe weight loss, replace two meals a day with a low calorie healthy meal replacement. Be sure that the meal replacement you use is not just a high protein or high carbohydrate drink. It should include protein, carbs and essential fats. Not just one. Many of the popular shakes may contain one of the macro nutrients, but not all.

Buy the book Get Suddenly Slim available at better book stores or through me. It’s an easy read, 144 pages packe with information, recipes, diet shakes and tips.

The #1 Shake on the market. Contains Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vit/Min, Herbs,    digestive enzymes and more. Can be mixed with water and it tastes  great. Like Hagen Daz Ice Cream. No kidding!

Also look out for the popular shakes sold over the counter which are merely low calorie drinks highly sweetened with sugar. I’ve tried those. I lost weight all right but also had flab hanging all over. And ended up with my skin breaking out and my teeth ached from the large amount of sugar used to make these shakes taste good.

Program should provide a vitamin and mineral supplement and especially high in B vitamins. These are crucial during weight loss. Vitamin B-6 in particular aids in tranquility, a major issue for anyone who has dieted and removes excess water. It has been determined that for every pound of weight lost, the dieter will gain a pound and a half of water. B6 helps eliminate excess fluids.
Herbs are very useful for weight loss programs both because they contain known and unknown nutrients to the body, providing even more nutrition and certain herbs assist with weight loss and cleansing.

Why cleansing? Inside the body are little finger like protrusions called the villi. Food passes through the villi for absorption. Big problem, over time the villi becomes clogged and cannot utilize the nutritrients in food and food supplements. So you end up nutritionally starved even though you are taking supplements.

Something else to consider, who actually designs these products and programs? The company I am with has a very impressive medical advisory board. If you are putting things into your body, you had better be sure that the people who designed them know what they are doing.

You also need to remove candida albicans which causes carb cravings and wreaks havoc on your diet. A good nutritionally balanced weight program, not merely a “Fad Diet”  will block out candida albicans and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

Some people have metabolisms that are so slow that they need to jar it. One way is with exercise, especially cardio which is the fastest way  to stimulate your metabolism and burn fat quickly. The other form of exercise what results in fat burning is weight training/bodybuilding. Muscle burns calories at rest. As you build muscle on your frame, your body naturally loses pounds and inches and gives females a great curvy figure. And men a more athletic appearance.

Another way to jar your metabolism is with Xanolean Supreme.  Remember those fat burner products from the 90s? This works like they did except it is safe. A powerful nutrient-rich herbal formula designed to help curb appetite, help reduce belly fat, promote the fat burning process, and increase energy.

It should be noted as well that this is why your weight loss program needs to be high in protein. Not just protein, but high in protein. This is what maintains muscle and burns fat. Have you even wondered why when you go on typical diets and weight loss programs an lose a lot of weight, you gain it right back again? One reason is because your weight loss program was too low in protein. You lost muscle and very little fat. Hence your weight jumps right back up again.

For ladies who suffer from that dreaded Cellulite or guys who have those handlebars on the sides of the waist and fatty tissue on the back of the legs that is so hard to get rid of, tryTRIMBOLIC®Fat & Cellulite FighterContains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight.

Trimbolic is great as a inbetween meal snack, high in fiber, complex carbs and fat burners. This product is truly unique and tastes delicious.

Other things to look for. Does the promoter of the product or program offer Free Coaching or counseling?

I have bought many programs from stores as well as other sources and never found this to be, except in one case, the company I am working with now.

Drink water every day and throughout the day. Sip it throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty. To figure out the correct amount of water to drink for you, take your weight divide by 2 and add 8. That is the amount in ounces that you should drink every day.

Put the water in fancy glasses to make it more desirable. Add ice cubes. Make a water shake. Throw 8-10 oz of water in a blender with 4-5 ice cubes. Delicious. Cold. And steps up the fat loss.

Spice up your water with cucumbers or lemons.

TIP: Cold water will help you lose weight faster than room temperature water. The colder the better. Tastes better and will help you lose weight faster too.

Eat real foods.

Exercise. Both cardio and weights. Both will speed weight loss, improve your health and tone you up. If exercise is not right for you, can you at least walk 1 mile per day?

When using weights, start light. Do higher repetitions, 10-15 for lower body and 8-10 for upper body. Work the large muscle groups, chest, legs and back especially. This will burn more calories. Work the stomach everyday. Do cardio at least 3x per week. Low impact like treadmill, cycling, stair stepper etc.

Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly weight loss goals.

If using a “shake” is it merely a protein shake? And is the protein complete? Many shakes use low quality protein sources that are not complete and cannot be used by the body unless taken with a complete protein. Be careful what you use. And as mentioned earlier, a meal replacement needs more than just protein. It needs to be like a meal.

Stay clear of fast food places. These are mostly high calorie, high salt, high fat, low nutrition that will really stall your weight loss and not good for your health. I know, I used to stop there all the time. That is how my weight ballooned to really dangerous levels.

Some of you may be wondering, “How much does a program like this cost?” Excellent question. You may be happy to know that I saved over $400 a month on medications, fast foods, energy drinks and other supplements that I thought I needed. On average it costs about $4 a day. Or about half what you would spend at a fast food place.

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