Have A Happy & Healthy VALENTINES DAY this year By Tony DeFrancisco

Edit articlePublished on February 2, 2017

After Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, the next most popular time for people to engage in overeating is coming up ….Valentines Day. Here are some tips to enable you to enjoy Valentines Day while staying healthy and keeping your weight under control.

Even though it is only February 1st, the candies are already coming out and parties are starting. Culminating will be the big day itself, February 14th – Valentines Day where people will go out, wine and dine.

The question I am getting from my clients is how do I enjoy Valentines Day and still not blow my diet or look like a stuffed pig? Others are wondering how they can have a good time and stay healthy.

Here are some suggestions.

As always drink lots of water. Drinking water can curb your appetite and cleanse your system. Stay away from soft drinks, even the diet drinks contain sodium which retains water and also contains many bad ingredients that are bad for your health.

Have a large glass of water and eat a salad BEFORE your main meal. Salads contain enzymes which help you digest, fiber to clean you out and roughage to fill you up so you don’t overeat. Salads can be prepared to be tasty and enjoyable.

Nuts make for great in

between meal snacks.

  • Go easy on the candy. Consider nuts especially almonds and walnuts. Tree nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios are rich in compounds called phytosterols that can help keep cholesterol in check. Try toasting them lightly in the oven or a dry frying pan to bring out their natural flavor. Then sprinkle them on top of steamed vegetables for a great side dish, or add them to your salad. I like putting walnuts and cinamon on my oatmeal in the morning.

Continue to start your day off with your morning shake. Choose your favorite flavor, Refer to Get Suddenly Slim for more shake recipes. With our shake, you can mix it with water instead of milk. Water is better for you. Milk can cause allergic reactions with many people.

To bolster your morning. Add Trimbolic and/or Biomega to your shake. This makes a delicious drink, fills you up and provides good quality nutrition.

For lunches, have your second shake. Skip the “Big Mac” attack. A shake contains only 170 calories, packed with nutrition, low fat protein, quality carbs, essential fatty acids, herbs, vitamins & minerals, digestive aides and more and will cost you less. We think those quick, “fast food” lunches don’t hurt. They do they add up. High fat. High calories, salt and no nutrition.

Institute or continue your exercise program. Find a workout partner. Your spouse or significant other is a good candidate. Set a goal to workout at least three times per week and never miss. Workout partners can inspire one another and assure that you keep the habit of exercise going.

As mentioned above, eat a salad before your main meal. And drink a large glass of water. For your main course, consider fish over red meats. Fish is low fat and heart healthy. Salmon is my personal favorite. Also high in Omega 3 fatty acids and tastes excellent.

Make sure you add your veggies.

And of course what is Valentines Day or dining out without a glass of wine or champagne? These should be used in moderation , as they are high in calories. However the good news is that they contain natural antioxidants from grapes. So there is a plus side to drinking alcohol.

As an alternative, you can make a festive non-alcoholic drink by adding a splash of 100% fruit juice to sparkling water. Red-purple juices like 100% grape and pomegranate juice are rich in polyphenols, naturally occurring compounds in the fruit, which help to increase blood flow and support healthy blood pressure. I like drinking Biomega which tastes delicious, is good for you, loaded with vitamins and minerals. Drink it out of your favorite champagne glass.

Contains whole leaf Aloe Vera, vitamins, macrominerals, botanical extracts, antioxidants, amino acids, and phytonutrients that support digestive health and whole body wellness

  • Now I know everyone is saying “What about chocolates. Well of course. No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a little bit of chocolate. Naturally occurring compounds in cocoa, called flavonoids, act as antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the more flavonoids, so enjoy a bite of dark chocolate to finish your meal. For a doubly healthy dessert, drizzle some melted bittersweet chocolate over fresh berries. The natural red-purple pigments that give berries their beautiful color act as antioxidants, too.
  • Some Tidbits…………

Did you know the average person gains 7 – 15 pounds during in February up to Valentines Day?

It isn’t that difficult to prevent this. Just a few simple steps can help you not only not gain weight over the Valentines Day holiday, but actually lose. Try Trimbolic. Contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight

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