Trimbolic: Fat and Cellulite Fighter. By Tony DeFrancisco

Now fat and cellulite don’t stand a chance!!! Trimbolic is a powerful, great tasting, all natural formulation containing a proprietary blend of special dietary fibers, botanical extracts and isolated food factors that help satisfy the appetite and support lean tissue while losing weight.

Trimbolic has practilly no caloric content, yet it is extremely tasty and helps satisfy your appetite so you don’t eat unhealthy calorie-laden foods. Trimbolic’s unique blend of fibers not only keeps dietary fat from being absorbed but also helps support healthy food sugar.

When you are not absorbing dietary fat, you’re using up stored fat. Trimbolic is your best friend and fat and celluite’s worst enemy.

Trimbolic is an all-natural blend of specialty dietary fibers, botanical extracts, and nutrients that help satisfy your appetite, without the use of stimulants, and supports lean muscle tissue while losing weight.


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Trimbolic’s botanical fibers and natural thickening agents create a sense of fullness which helps decrease your appetite. They also have unique binding agents to help to decrease fat absorption.

To maximize your weight loss success, we recommend using Trimbolic in conjunction with one of our Suddenly Slim Weight Loss Programs.

Lose Weight & Smooth Cellulite

Call or text me for more details. Product is creating enormous excitement nationwide. (407) 761-3055


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