Loses 18 lbs and 16.75 inches in only 30 days with FFN SUDDENLY SLIM.

18698165_1321026451266460_8160689935645558171_nTransformation Tuesday shout out goes to Mr. Nathanial Reeves out of Texas! Congratulations! -TeamFFN

Total Weight Lost: 18 lbs

Total Inches Lost: 16.75 inches

It should be noted that this was fat loss, not just weight loss. Typically on most diets, the weight loss is lean tissue and water and very little fat at all. Also note that this is an older man, no doubt with a super slow metabolism who has been fighting weight loss all his life.

Story: I have been heavy since Jr High school. I have tried joining the Marine Corps, they were able to get me down to 186 (the max I could weight) by exercising me 12 hours a day. but short of that I ballooned to well over 220 pounds.

A few years back I tried PX90 for 90 days and was able to get down to 210 pounds after the first 90 days. So I tried it for another 90 days with no further weight loss even though I did it twice a day. After quitting I went back up to 240 pounds. about 6 months ago I started exercising again and was able to get down to 223 pounds which was my starting weight, but I stopped there.

Now after my first 30 days with minimal exercise I have gotten down to 205 which I have not seen since leaving the Marine Corps 37 years ago. I plan to continue the program for another 30 days this time with exercise to see if i can get back to 186 pounds or lower.

More incredible results from happy FFN customers. FFN SUDDENLY SLIM works for everybody. Works all the time.


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