Summer is almost here. Lose Weight Now. By Tony DeFrancisco

15799856_10157950058555623_8467111258466175841_o ffTonyDeFrancisco,  FirstFitness Nutrition, Supervisor/Wellness Coach

Ask anyone about losing weight and you will get a myriad of answers.

“Just cut back on what you eat”

“You have to diet and exercise”

“I don’t need any special program. I can do it on my own”

When I hear people say this I have to chuckle. And when I check back with them 3 months, 6 months, a year later, guess what? Not only have they not lost any weight, they have actually put even more weight on. If it was so easy, how come no results?

I have been battling the battle of the bulge all my life. Literally since childhood. Even with lifting weights and taking food supplements, it was always a battle.

However, in 1974 while making weight for powerlifting competitions, I discovered a secret – Protein shakes and high protein foods. Previously when I lost weight, I also lost muscle, strength and looked flabby. Now I look toned up, maintained strength and actually went on to break state and national records in the sport of powerlifting, even after losing over 20 lbs in a short period. This was unheard of back then. It was my secret, at that time.

In 1976, I became a wellness coach for a company called Slender Now. They were as far as I know, the first company to market a professionally designed weight loss program evolving around a diet shake.

In 1990, I became part of First Fitness. Their product was very similar to Slender Now and had additional herbs and in fact was created by the same man who created Slender Now.

18 months ago, I reconnected with First Fitness. I personally have lost over 100 lbs during that time and maintaining my weight loss at age 66, a time when many people gain weight and losing weight is very difficult. Others as in the picture on the headline, have done even better.

So the million $$$ question is, what makes products like First Fitness so special and why use this instead of just doing it on your own? The people I have met over the years are far and few between who were able to do it on their own. When they cut down on calories, they cut down on nutrition. When they diet, they get hungry, tired and irritable. Having worked in sales and in management for many health clubs, very few stay with a exercise program. Attrition is very high. And even exercise, as good as it is can’t help you lose weight on it’s on. Nor do typical diets. I know I have tried them over the years.

And if they do it on their own and lose weight, very few are able to keep it off. It comes right back on again. Not only do they regain the weight they lost, they gain even more.  And on and on it goes.

What I discovered back in the 1970s when I was competing in powerlifting and then again with customers with Slender Now and First Fitness, is that when you offer people concentrated nutrition, they don’t get hungry, tired or irritable. They stay on the program. They get results and they get all of the nutrition they need.

I also discovered that people need to eat real food too. So with our program, you eat one or two colorful meal per day and  one or two meal replacements. NOTE: Not all shakes are meal replacements. Some are only protein, carbs or something else,  not a complete meal. Ours is a complete meal.

Something else I realized too. People have setpoints, sort of governors that limit how fast you can lose weight. This is very discouraging. Also, we all need our internal systems cleansed periodically to truly absorb quality nutrition. And the other thing is that many of us, this was my problem, have very sluggish metabolisms. Expecially when you get older and also for women who have gone through multiple pregnancies.

What our program does and what makes us different is that is does give you all the nutrition your body needs, it cleanses the system, speeds the metabolism —safely and breaks past weight loss set points.

You also get to eat real foods that are delicious

And not all of the other programs work. This morning I got a call from a woman who used First Fitness many years ago and switched to one of the OTC shakes that are really high sugar, low calorie, cheap junk. She told me that she desperately wants to go back on First Fitness and ordered the shakes, the Trimbolic and the Biomega. She was also addicted to the high sugar/caffeine energy drinks and wanted to get off them. She knows the difference.

As summer approaches, many will want to look great in their swimsuits. There is no other program anywhere that can get you results, quickly and safely as with First Fitness

For more information contact me. (407)  761-3055  Check out my facebook page:

Watch this short video:

Tony DeFrancisco has been involved in physical culture since 1964. Started lifting weights and taking nutritional supplements at that time. He went on to become a very successful powerlifter competing in over 100 competitions and winning 80 first places. He was a YMCA National champion and a 2 time AAU North American champion.

In 1973, he began promoting powerlifting, bodybuilding events in the Pennsylvania area. He was one of the biggest and most successful promoters at that time and brought the biggest names in the sport including the great Arnold Schwarzennegger to his events.

In 1976, he became a wellness coach promoting nutritional supplements. In 1978 he began promoting fitness and wellness through health clubs in Central Pa and Reading Pa.

Even with his lifetime of fitness and nutrition, he encountered health issues. He attributes his ability to overcome those issues to a holistic approach, including a positive mental attitude, exercise, good nutritional and high quality nutrititional supplements. He believes that you cannot get optimum nutrition merely by eating regular foods. You need quality, nutritional supplements. Having used many over 53 years, he sincerely believe that First Fitness products are the very best.


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