Proven weight loss programs: Profiting From The Obesity Epidemic

29119_128024923888197_5174866_nOh to be trim and slim. Next to the the fountain of youth, what else generates more interest and excitement than weight loss. How to be trim, slender and streamlined?

It is a mistake to assume that overweight people are, happy and jolly and like being overweight. The fact is, they have resigned themselves to what they perceive as their destiny, have tried multiple ways to lose weight and have failed. They are frustrated. If there was a magic pill that could help them lose weight, they would get it no matter what it cost.

Weighing in on America’s Health Crisis — THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC

* Fact: Americans rank #1 in obesity worldwide

* Nearly 70% of adults are overweight, of which 35% are obese.

Being overweight has direct ties to…… SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS


* Leading cause of death for men and women in the United States

* Every year about 720,000 American’s have a heart attack


*29.1 MILLION Americans have diabetes

*Cases have doubled over the last 30 years


* About 70 million American adults have high blood pressure. That’s about 1 out of every 3 adults.

CANCER: Obesity is also directly linked with increased risk of the following types of cancer….

* Breast * Colorectal *Gallbladder * Liver * Prostate * Kidney * Uterine *Cervical * Endometrial * Pancreatic * Thyroid * Ovarian *Esophageal


Just think of the first three letters in the word diet—-DIE and you can see why so man people hate to go on diets. And when they do, what is the result? Temporary weight loss. They are hungry, tired, irritable, under nourished and generally lose lean tissue and water primarily with very little fat. They end up looking like smaller fat people with lots of FLAB hanging all around.

And then when they go back to their regular foods and eating habits, they put all the weight back on plus some more.

While the title of this article is Profiting from the Obesity Epidemic, it not merely about a money making business opportunity, it is about reaching out with a helping hand to those who are facing this obesity epidemic and don’t know any way to get past it. OBESITY IS A KILLER. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. IF YOU KNEW OF A WAY TO SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE OR AT LEAST POTENTIALLY EXTEND THEIR LIFE, YOU WOULD WOULDN’T YOU?


So many programs, diets, pills, lotions etc have been designed to help with weight loss. And what has been the result? Americans are getting fatter every year. Look at these stats:

According to research from the National Institute of Health (“NIH”), the percentage of adults considered overweight, obese, or extremely obese in the U.S. had climbed to 75% by 2010 (and is even higher in recent years).

Source: NIH

Similar to the NIH findings, research from the World Health Organization (“WHO”) estimated that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980 (with 39% of adults being overweight while 13% are obese). This signifies that the weight loss market is gigantic. People need help. What has been out there so far is not working.

The Answer – Targeted Weight Loss Programs that actually work.

I have written several articles here on linkedin about using protein and meal replacement shakes to lose weight, safely, quickly and effectively. And perhaps even more importantly, have a overall eating plan and program that will keep the weight off permanently.

With so many shakes on the market, why use this one? Because it uses complex carbohydrates, not refined sugars like 99% of the other shakes out there, it also contains complete protein with all of the amino acids in the right balance so can be utilized completely by the body unlike 99% of the other shakes out there. It also provides soluable fiber which fills you up and helps you eliminate, contains 50% or more of the known and many unknown vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, digestants, herbs, nutraceuticals and more.

There is no other shake on the market that even comes close. I feel very qualified to say that in that I have been using protein shakes since 1964.

I have had clients who wouldn’t buy or did buy this product from me awhile back, then switched to one of the cheaper OTC shakes and now are coming back. Why? Those other shakes didn’t deliver. They are cheaper for a reason.

With this shake you get all the nutrition your body needs hence you are not starving and looking for something sweet to eat which blows your diet. And it is also time released so you get a constant flow of nutrition all day long unlike those other shakes where you get one big shot and 1 hour later you are looking for something to eat again.

Even if you are getting good quality nutrition, there is a good chance, especially if you are past 40, even 30 that you are not absorbing those nutrients. Over years of faulty eating, our bodies get clogged and cannot use the nutrients we take in. Hence we need to cleanse our system. Enter this product:

Reneu is a colon, inner body and total body cleanser. It removes toxins and poisins and allows your body to utilize the nutrients from the shake and other quality foods you will be eating. We have all heard that the average person has 7-25 lbs of undigested matter in their body. It is true. Eating a high fiber diet alone will not get rid of it. Reneu will.

Client talked to a friend of hers who turned out to be a self styled self proclaimed nutriton “expert” who read some books and articles. He advised my client that she could get a good cleansing product at any good health food store and for less money than what mine cost. RESULT? She came back and bought my product again. Why? She got the worse case of diarhea from that other herbal product that the “expert” recommended and had an embarrassing accident in front of family and friends. Be careful what you buy and who you take advice from.

As we age, our metabolisms slow down. We move less and are not as active. Even younger people have slow metabolisms. That was my problem, all my life which is why I was always flabby for as long as I can remember, even when I only weighed 100 lbs.!!!!!!

So to resolve that issue, we offer Xanolean Supreme. A natural and safe fat burner. This product will melt the fat right off you.

Xanolean works like the fat burners of the 1990s except it is safe. I’ve been using it and I had a heart attack 8 years ago so have to be very careful on what I take. This is like aerobics in a bottle.

There are other fat burner products out there. Many are just over priced caffeine capsules or tablets. REMEMBER: You want a product that actually burns fat. Ours does. The others………………..?????????????????????

Finally there is Trimbolic. If you are like me and have those love handles on the sides of your waist, fatty tissue on the back of your upper thighs and across your lower back, this product is for you. Great for women who have cellulite. That fat gone wrong on the hips, buttocks and thighs. I will only add that I used to have love handles, fatty tissue. NO MORE. GONE! Thanks to Trimbolic along with the other FFN products, dieting and exercise. NOTE: Dieting and exercise alone did not do it for me. Nor did just the shakes, cleanser and fat burner. It was adding Trimbolic that made the difference.

We have the products. The challenge is getting them out to the people who never even heard of us. Our company has been around since 1989—-28 years of service and millions of happy customers —–YET MILLIONS MORE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF US!!!! We need to spread the word.

How lucrative is this industry?

I hope I won’t offend anybody by talking marketing and $$$$. Let’s take a look at the opportunity we have here.


* $955 Billion is spent annually on weight loss, nutrition, beauty and anti-aging products

* The financial opportunity created by the wellness industry for entrepreneurs is now greater than ever before.

Economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicted in the 2000’s that wellness would become the next trillion $$$$ industry. He was conservative



But I don’t want to get into one of those Network Marketing/MLM deals. Too many people already doing that. It is saturated. ENT!

FACT: 55,000 Americans join a network marketing company every week! It is now bigger than ever and growing faster than ever.

You’re  at the right place in the right time. Even if you don’t join FFN today, it is very likely that your family, your friends, your co-workers will be joining FFN or another network marketing company and asking you to join them. So why don’t you take a serious look at this opportunity, become a professional over the next 2.5 – 3 years and capitalize on the gold rush of supplemental income.

And even if your weight is under control right now, you probably want to stay trim or use our targeted skin are, wellness, nutrition or sports supplements.

Weight loss is our flagship program. Because it is such a big issue. But there is much more.

I can be reached by phone/text (407) 761-3055 email:


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