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Proven weight loss programs: Profiting From The Obesity Epidemic

29119_128024923888197_5174866_nOh to be trim and slim. Next to the the fountain of youth, what else generates more interest and excitement than weight loss. How to be trim, slender and streamlined?

It is a mistake to assume that overweight people are, happy and jolly and like being overweight. The fact is, they have resigned themselves to what they perceive as their destiny, have tried multiple ways to lose weight and have failed. They are frustrated. If there was a magic pill that could help them lose weight, they would get it no matter what it cost.

Weighing in on America’s Health Crisis — THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC

* Fact: Americans rank #1 in obesity worldwide

* Nearly 70% of adults are overweight, of which 35% are obese.

Being overweight has direct ties to…… SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS


* Leading cause of death for men and women in the United States

* Every year about 720,000 American’s have a heart attack


*29.1 MILLION Americans have diabetes

*Cases have doubled over the last 30 years


* About 70 million American adults have high blood pressure. That’s about 1 out of every 3 adults.

CANCER: Obesity is also directly linked with increased risk of the following types of cancer….

* Breast * Colorectal *Gallbladder * Liver * Prostate * Kidney * Uterine *Cervical * Endometrial * Pancreatic * Thyroid * Ovarian *Esophageal


Just think of the first three letters in the word diet—-DIE and you can see why so man people hate to go on diets. And when they do, what is the result? Temporary weight loss. They are hungry, tired, irritable, under nourished and generally lose lean tissue and water primarily with very little fat. They end up looking like smaller fat people with lots of FLAB hanging all around.

And then when they go back to their regular foods and eating habits, they put all the weight back on plus some more.

While the title of this article is Profiting from the Obesity Epidemic, it not merely about a money making business opportunity, it is about reaching out with a helping hand to those who are facing this obesity epidemic and don’t know any way to get past it. OBESITY IS A KILLER. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. IF YOU KNEW OF A WAY TO SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE OR AT LEAST POTENTIALLY EXTEND THEIR LIFE, YOU WOULD WOULDN’T YOU?


So many programs, diets, pills, lotions etc have been designed to help with weight loss. And what has been the result? Americans are getting fatter every year. Look at these stats:

According to research from the National Institute of Health (“NIH”), the percentage of adults considered overweight, obese, or extremely obese in the U.S. had climbed to 75% by 2010 (and is even higher in recent years).

Source: NIH

Similar to the NIH findings, research from the World Health Organization (“WHO”) estimated that worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980 (with 39% of adults being overweight while 13% are obese). This signifies that the weight loss market is gigantic. People need help. What has been out there so far is not working.

The Answer – Targeted Weight Loss Programs that actually work.

I have written several articles here on linkedin about using protein and meal replacement shakes to lose weight, safely, quickly and effectively. And perhaps even more importantly, have a overall eating plan and program that will keep the weight off permanently.

With so many shakes on the market, why use this one? Because it uses complex carbohydrates, not refined sugars like 99% of the other shakes out there, it also contains complete protein with all of the amino acids in the right balance so can be utilized completely by the body unlike 99% of the other shakes out there. It also provides soluable fiber which fills you up and helps you eliminate, contains 50% or more of the known and many unknown vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, digestants, herbs, nutraceuticals and more.

There is no other shake on the market that even comes close. I feel very qualified to say that in that I have been using protein shakes since 1964.

I have had clients who wouldn’t buy or did buy this product from me awhile back, then switched to one of the cheaper OTC shakes and now are coming back. Why? Those other shakes didn’t deliver. They are cheaper for a reason.

With this shake you get all the nutrition your body needs hence you are not starving and looking for something sweet to eat which blows your diet. And it is also time released so you get a constant flow of nutrition all day long unlike those other shakes where you get one big shot and 1 hour later you are looking for something to eat again.

Even if you are getting good quality nutrition, there is a good chance, especially if you are past 40, even 30 that you are not absorbing those nutrients. Over years of faulty eating, our bodies get clogged and cannot use the nutrients we take in. Hence we need to cleanse our system. Enter this product:

Reneu is a colon, inner body and total body cleanser. It removes toxins and poisins and allows your body to utilize the nutrients from the shake and other quality foods you will be eating. We have all heard that the average person has 7-25 lbs of undigested matter in their body. It is true. Eating a high fiber diet alone will not get rid of it. Reneu will.

Client talked to a friend of hers who turned out to be a self styled self proclaimed nutriton “expert” who read some books and articles. He advised my client that she could get a good cleansing product at any good health food store and for less money than what mine cost. RESULT? She came back and bought my product again. Why? She got the worse case of diarhea from that other herbal product that the “expert” recommended and had an embarrassing accident in front of family and friends. Be careful what you buy and who you take advice from.

As we age, our metabolisms slow down. We move less and are not as active. Even younger people have slow metabolisms. That was my problem, all my life which is why I was always flabby for as long as I can remember, even when I only weighed 100 lbs.!!!!!!

So to resolve that issue, we offer Xanolean Supreme. A natural and safe fat burner. This product will melt the fat right off you.

Xanolean works like the fat burners of the 1990s except it is safe. I’ve been using it and I had a heart attack 8 years ago so have to be very careful on what I take. This is like aerobics in a bottle.

There are other fat burner products out there. Many are just over priced caffeine capsules or tablets. REMEMBER: You want a product that actually burns fat. Ours does. The others………………..?????????????????????

Finally there is Trimbolic. If you are like me and have those love handles on the sides of your waist, fatty tissue on the back of your upper thighs and across your lower back, this product is for you. Great for women who have cellulite. That fat gone wrong on the hips, buttocks and thighs. I will only add that I used to have love handles, fatty tissue. NO MORE. GONE! Thanks to Trimbolic along with the other FFN products, dieting and exercise. NOTE: Dieting and exercise alone did not do it for me. Nor did just the shakes, cleanser and fat burner. It was adding Trimbolic that made the difference.

We have the products. The challenge is getting them out to the people who never even heard of us. Our company has been around since 1989—-28 years of service and millions of happy customers —–YET MILLIONS MORE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF US!!!! We need to spread the word.

How lucrative is this industry?

I hope I won’t offend anybody by talking marketing and $$$$. Let’s take a look at the opportunity we have here.


* $955 Billion is spent annually on weight loss, nutrition, beauty and anti-aging products

* The financial opportunity created by the wellness industry for entrepreneurs is now greater than ever before.

Economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicted in the 2000’s that wellness would become the next trillion $$$$ industry. He was conservative



But I don’t want to get into one of those Network Marketing/MLM deals. Too many people already doing that. It is saturated. ENT!

FACT: 55,000 Americans join a network marketing company every week! It is now bigger than ever and growing faster than ever.

You’re  at the right place in the right time. Even if you don’t join FFN today, it is very likely that your family, your friends, your co-workers will be joining FFN or another network marketing company and asking you to join them. So why don’t you take a serious look at this opportunity, become a professional over the next 2.5 – 3 years and capitalize on the gold rush of supplemental income.

And even if your weight is under control right now, you probably want to stay trim or use our targeted skin are, wellness, nutrition or sports supplements.

Weight loss is our flagship program. Because it is such a big issue. But there is much more.

I can be reached by phone/text (407) 761-3055 email:


The origin of the diet shake. How it started. And why meal replacement shakes may be your best choice for fast, effective, and permanent weight loss. By Tony DeFrancisco


Almost everyone by now has tried or is using a meal replacement shake. Perhaps you bought it at a local store or you have a friend who is in a network marketing-MLM company and told you about one. Diet shakes are not new.

I first started using diet shakes in 1974 before they became mainstream and in fact, I didn’t even know they existed. I was doing a lot of heavy weight training and competing in powerlifting competitions. I needed a way to lose weight and drop to the next lighter weight class without losing too much strength. I WASN’T having much luck. With the weight loss, came a lot of strength loss.

Since I had been using high protein powders as a supplement, I thought why not use it as a meal replacement? I tried it and it worked incredibly well. I dropped weight rapidly but did not lose much if any strength. I was hooked.

At about the same exact time another individual was experimenting with meal replacement shakes. I would not hear about this untill 1976.

Over 43 years ago, a young charismatic man named Lee Causey entered into the weight loss industry with a product called Slender Now. Lee owned chain of health spas in the southeastern united states and his ambition was driven by the dissatisfaction of his spa members in losing weight. Lee wanted to find a product that would help people lose weight safely and he did just that with Slender Now. This was back in 1974 and Slender Now was the world’s first diet shake. Today the most advanced version of the Slender Now product and the #1 diet shake in the world is made available by First Fitness called Body FX and also created by Lee Causey.

Slendernow became immediately successful. In fact, it was so successful that renowned nutritionist Dr. Richard Passwater wrote a book about it which became a best seller appropiately called The SlenderNow Diet.

So it is safe to call Lee Causey the father of the diet shake. I am certain that if it wasn’t for Lee, this industry wouldn’t even exist. In 1975 it was non existent. Today, diet shakes are estimated to be a $10 billion industry.

Lee was a noted athlete, played for the Florida Gators, competed in bodybuilding competitions and opened a chain of health clubs in the Southeastern USA. Lee was concerned that his spa members were having difficulty losing weight. In his search he created Slender Now.

Lee Causey when he played for the Florida Gators

Lee Causey the bodybuilder displaying a very impressive physique. Lee walks the walk and talks the talk. Health, fitness and wellness are a way of life with him.

Lee was one of the sponsors of the Mr. Olympia contests in 1978 and 1979. Here Lee to the far right is shown with Arnold Schwarzennegger, Frank Zane, 3-time Mr. Olympia and Mr. America/Mr. World NY Jets football star Mike Katz at the 1979 Mr. Olympia contest. Katz would go on to tour all over the country with Causey promoting natural health foods and safe weight loss programs like Slender Now.

Lee maintained the Slender Now company untill 1982. He sold the trademarks and the company, retired to raise horses untill 1989 When he came back with First Fitness Nutrition and new products.

Between 1982 and 1989, Lee had some health issues, was over medicated and gained a lot of weight. The usual system of exercise and dieting didn’t work. It was at this time that Lee discovered the benefits of cleansing and detoxifying and it’s role in weight loss.

Lee was so excited that he created the new company First Fitness and a colon and total cleansing product based on the herbs he used to lose weight and create his remarkable health transformation.. He called it reneu. Because it renewed the body and it did.

He also came out with another product called Trimbolic. This is a powder, mixed with water that is taken in between meals, curbs the appetite, rids the body of cellulite and flab, tones the body up while it firms you up. Like Slender Now, these products were revolutionary and produced rapid results. They became instant best sellers. And many people have been using them consistently since 1989. Why? Because they work. Using just these two products alone, people started to see remarkable results.

People were thrilled to hear that Lee was back and it didn’t take long before they literally demanded that Lee come out with a new “Diet Shake” People familiar with Lee knew that he created the diet shake industry and they were unhappy with the options available at that time. They wanted something like Slender Now again. Only even better if possible.

Lee answered that call with Body FX which came out in 1990 and actually created a product that was even better than Slender Now. Having used the original Slender Now product as well as Body FX, I am qualified to make that statement. Whereas the original Slender Now product had four formulas, the new Body FX encompassed all four formulas into one—the BODY FX formula. It included protein, carbs, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and a large blend of herbs.

Moreover, unlike Slender Now and other shake formulas that followed and were available at this time, Body FX could be mixed with water instead of milk. Many people had issues with the other shakes because of lactose intolerance–milk allergies. And one other thing—Body FX was/is delicious. The other shakes then and even now are pretty chalky tasting, except for the cheap ones which are primarily sugar and low in nutrition. When a product tastes good, people are more apt to use it everyday and keep using it to maintain weight loss.

So now Lee put this into a program including Reneu, Trimbolic, Body FX and a fourth product. Xanoline Supreme to speed up weight loss.

Xanoline Supreme naturally and safely speeds up the metabolism.

Body FX is available in two flavors, tropical creme or chocolate paradise.

Get Suddenly Slim —THE BOOK!

It didn’t take long for excitement to be created and the product Suddenly Slim became a book, just like Slender Now. This one is available in bookstores all over,, BAMM and more.

Suddenly Slim is recommended by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Natural Homeopathic doctors and more. First Fitness has assembled a esteemed Medical Advisory Board.

Immediate Results

Just like Slender Now satisfied users began to get immediate and incredible results. People who had lifetime obesity issues, now had solution that was working. Let’s look at some of these people and their results:

Notice I did say fast results. Scotty lost 12 lbs in 8 days!!!! WOW!

And look at Penney’s great results! From a size 16 -2s. Penney lost over 70 lbs. It can happen to you too.

For more results, watch this short video. Suddenly Slim works for everybody and it works all the time.

My Weight Loss Journey

You may ask, “How about you? How much weight have you lost and do you believe in this product enough to use it yourself?”

Yes I am and I do. Here are some pictures of me before and after Suddenly Slim and through my journey.

Wedding Day, November 1, 2008. Dropped my weight from 225 to 205 with another weight loss product and lots of time in the gym. Eventually gained it all back.

May 2013. Even though I was working out and taking a famous Herbal Weight Loss program, could not control my weight. Classic Yo-Yo syndrome. Here I weighed 230 lbs. After being as low as 198 lbs.

Here I am at my heaviest weight. A bulging 255 lbs. Look at that waist, flabby arms and legs. I was doing some heavy strength training at this time and had actually surpassed my all time best power lifts from 1970s. BUT…I was way too big for my height and age. And the diets were not working for me. I assumed this was a product of old age and a super slow metabolism.

Above, down to 190 lbs. after using Suddenly Slim for a few months. 65 lb weight loss. Looking much better. Still chubby though.

Now down to 179 lbs. Looking much better.

Looking lean and mean. 170 lbs.

October, 2016, reached 149 lbs. Lost 106 lbs in just over a year.

Okay you might say, sounds good, but how about someone who is really overweight. Extremely obese, can they lose weight with this program and without surgery?

The answer is yes. Check this guy out…. He lost 170 lbs!!!!!!!!!

Obesity is not a funny issue. I have fought it all my life. People who are overweight, contrary to some opinions, are not happy people. They either do not understand the health risks of being obese or have tried and failed in the past to lose weight and do it the right way.

We have something that works

Like I said in the beginning of this article, diet shakes are not new. I understand that. However, quality programs with the right balance of nutrition, products, tasty diet shakes, internal cleansers and metabolism boosters may be new for a lot of people who are stuck on ho-hum average products which don’t deliver on their promises.

You see the results in me and others. There is a reason for these results. This program is better and different from anything else that is out there. I know. I have tried just about all of them.

And a big thank you to Lee Causey for creating these totally AWESOME products. Lee is the worlds leading expert on weight control. Nobody has better products.

For more information contact me directly (407) 761-3055. Email websites:

Why do we gain weight as we get older? By Tony DeFrancisco

Remember those good old days when we were teenagers, could go out put down a huge burger or two or three, fries and a malt and never gain a pound? Wasn’t that wonderful? But now we merely smell a french fry and we gain 3 pounds! OMG. What happened?

Let’s take a look at why this happens. First off, when we are younger, we are more active. We are young and having fun. We engage in sports, football, basketball, wrestling, track & field or baseball. Then we swim and go to dances. We’re moving a lot more.

Also, at this young age our hormones are producing at the maximum which induces burning calories. Life is good. Everything is wonderful. We are free, having fun and looking good. At least many of us anyway.

For me, I had to fight obesity all my life. Even when I only weighed 100 lbs I was flabby. Small and flabby. Some people do have an issue with overweight even in their younger years. Most do not.

Moving along, we go to college. Life is more serious now. We are getting close to moving out into the working world. So now there are frat parties and weekend flings. And this is when most of us start to gain weight.

Welcome to your freshman year

The scale creep for this decade actually begins in your late teens. For the millions of new students heading off to college in the U.S., the dining hall is one of the first sources of significant weight gain. Many students do not have any understanding of food, nutrition, and cooking, and yet they have an array of wonderful foods to choose from at a college dining hall, So many choices and many times, the wrong choices.

And then in addition to cafeterias, many campuses have separate on-site eateries, vending machines, and snack bars (not to mention the alcohol) that “help” you gain the infamous freshman (or sophomore/junior/senior) 15.

And then we hit the fast food places after school. Easy and convenient. ALSO fattening, high calorie, high fat and low nutrition.

This continues to graduation. Now it’s on to the real world and your first job.

You move less

For many young people, this decade ushers in their very first nine-to-five job. While not all jobs require sitting at a desk all day, most do. In fact, the number of sedentary jobs has increased 83 percent since the 1950s, and work weeks often last longer than the typical 40 hours, as technology continues to blur the line between work and non-work hours.

In your teens, as mentioned above, you probably spent your free time playing sports or doing some kind of physical activity. But with 40+ hours per week parked at a desk, there’s probably a major drop in your daily activity level — even if you do manage to get a workout or two in during the week. You probably say, “Hey, I am an adult now. I have responsibilites. I don’t have time to workout.”

Life is good. You are enjoying your new life. Your 9-5 job. You have a sedentary desk job. Probaly take the elevator and park as close to your office as possible. The pounds are starting to pile on, but you hardly notice. And you probably say, “No problem, I can always lose it on my own.” (Yeah right!)

Life happens

Adulting is hard. Living on your own, paying bills, and other responsibilities that you’ve never had to deal with before are now part of your daily routine. Newfound independence can trigger major stress, another notable culprit when to comes to gaining weight.

“In your 20s, the main culprit to weight gain is stress, which causes high cortisol, one of your body’s key fat-storage hormones,” says Dr. Sara Gottfried, bestselling author of “The Hormone Cure” and “The Hormone Reset Diet.”

Cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress, can wreak havoc on our bodies, she adds. Help reset your cortisol levels by weaning yourself off alcohol for three days, which can help your sleep and stress levels, Gottfried suggests.

Lack of sleep

Speaking of, everyone needs more sleep, period. But this is when the lack of it begins to have a serious impact on your life and health as a whole.

Sleep goes hand in hand with weight maintenance for a number of reasons. First off, plenty of quality sleep can help you power through tough workouts. Lack of sleep can decrease your endurance, which can make it harder to give it your all.

Not racking up enough zzs can mess with your hunger hormones, which can lead to weight gain — even if you eat clean and work out regularly. Your stomach produces ghrelin, a hormone that tells the brain we’re hungry, and production of ghrelin can ramp up when we’re continually not getting enough sleep. In addition, your body may ramp up cortisol production if you don’t get enough sleep.

If you’re having trouble getting quality sleep, try some natural remedies before you reach for the quick-fix over-the-counter stuff.

TIP: We have all heard of drink a warm glass of milk before bedtime. Our mothers taught us this. That or a hot cup of cocoa helps. I have found that drinking a protein shake before bedtime relaxes me and also provides me with nutrition which nourishes my body all night long and I sleep like a baby. Try it. Much better than OTC stuff that is harmful to your health.

Bad diet

Feeding yourself is also part of your new adulting role. But at this point in your life, you may not have a ton of healthy recipes or proper nutrition information under your belt. And with an endless array of food-delivery services at your fingertips, it’s easy for your eating habits to run amok.

Tips to maintain your weight in your 20s:

  • Try to make cheesy fries, chips, and pizza the occasional treat, not on the reg.
  • Ditch coffee after 12 p.m. or if you’re legally drinking alcohol, ahem, then try taking a break for a few days.
  • Stick to a regular bedtime and skip screen time in the bedroom.
  • Learn how to cook and prep balanced meals in proper portions and pack your own lunch to bring to work to stay on track.
  • Eat more high protein foods like lean meats, fish and fowl. Also add a protein shake. To keep weight under control, replace one or two meals per day with a quality meal replacement, high protein, nutritional shake.

Why You Gain Weight In Your 30s

You start to lose muscle and gain fat

In your 30s, you start to lose lean tissue. While muscle decline may not be noticeable at first, the average person loses around five pounds of muscle every decade after 30, according to Gottfried. At the same time, body fat creeps up steadily after you hit the big 3-0.

Your hormones start to change

In terms of hormonal changes, women face “estrogen dominance” during this decade, which means they have more estrogen than progesterone.

“One reason estrogen dominance is connected to fat-loss resistance is because of the cross-talk between two important hormones of metabolism: insulin and estrogen,” Gottfried says. This increase in estrogen may cause you to gain more total body fat and abdominal fat.

You have kids

“As young parents raise their children in sometimes chaotic homes with many activities and needs, regular mealtimes and home-cooked meals may be in short supply,” Roy says. Even the most well-intentioned families can default to fast food between soccer practice, play dates, homework, and piano lessons.

But convenience meals — fast food, take-out, pre-packaged meals — are usually highly processed and filled with fat, sodium, and/or sugar.

If you are cooking at home, then you may be fighting a losing battle against a small (literally) army of picky eaters or a partner who isn’t that concerned about weight loss.

Tips to maintain your weight in your 30s:

  • Planning healthy recipes ahead of time and get your meal prep on point.
  • Plan active family outings like post-dinner walks, weekend hikes, and bike rides.
  • Kill two birds with one stone by doing fitness + nutrition programs that help you build muscle, burn fat and get your diet and nutrition in order
  • Include resistance (weight) training to build and increase lean tissue
  • Lean tissue burns calories even at rest. When you lose lean tissue, fat storage increases
  • If you don’t have time to join a gym, freehand exercises are a great alternative
  • Consider setting up an inexpensive home gym with basics, barbells, dumbells, weight bench, pulley, leg machine and chinning bar. This can be acquired very inexpensively.
  • Cut down or totally eliminate eating at fast food places.
  • Consider meal replacement shakes and supplements.

Why You Gain Weight In Your 40s

Women may enter menopause

For women, this decade may include a major life change: menopause. While everyone is different, women experience menopause between 40 and 58 years old (though some women can experience it as early as their 30s or as late as their 60s).

Hormonal changes brought on by menopause can add extra weight around the midsection. In addition, irritability, hot flashes, and other symptoms of menopause may have you feeling a whole lot less motivated to work out.

Testosterone declines

While men and women both produce testosterone, a decline in this hormone is a factor in age-related weight-gain for men. This decline occurs gradually from ages 40 to 65, according to Gottfried. Lower testosterone can increase fat levels, reduce strength, and negatively affect sleep.

Tips to maintain your weight in your 40s:

  • Plan ahead by laying out your workout clothes the night before. Or stash them in your car so you can workout after work, or wake up a little earlier to squeeze in a home workout.
  • Prioritize sleep to help keep cortisol in check.
  • Increase resistance training to help bump up testosterone levels, recommends Gottfried.
  • Try to workout with weights at least 3-4 times per week
  • Follow a split routine, working half your body one day, the other half the next.
  • Keep your body nourished with hi protein foods, shakes and supplements.

Resistance training enables you to build more lean tissue and stimulate the natural hormones within your body even when in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

Why You Gain Weight In Your 50s and Beyond

Insulin resistance can go down the drain

“Once you hit 50, low testosterone, plus rising blood sugar and insulin levels cause weight gain,” Gottfried says. If you have insulin resistance, that means your cells can’t absorb the extra blood glucose the body generates from the food you eat. Consequently, the liver converts that glucose into fat, which can lead to weight gain.

Your body may not work like it used to

Physical limitations — from osteoporosis and arthritis to hip, knee, and other joint problems— can limit movement, Roy says. While some age-related conditions won’t make it impossible to get in a good workout, achy joints can make it harder to run, jump, or lift like you used to.

Weight gain can turn into weight loss

Men often gain weight until they’re around 55 and then start to lose weight as they age further. Women, on the other hand, tend to gain weight until they turn 65. This shift from weight gain to loss usually happens because fat replaces lean muscle tissue, and muscle weighs more than fat by volume.

This being said, don’t just follow your scale. While some men may find their weight normalizing, check the mirror and you may see something else happening. Handlebars on the sides of the waist and around the lower back. Sagging pectorals, flab around the arms and other areas.

Same happens with women.

Tips to maintain your weight in your 50s and beyond:

  • If you’re unable to be as active as you were in your 30s and 40s, adjust your meal portions to avoid overeating.
  • Continue to do resistance training to help keep your bones strong, and eat plenty of high-quality protein.
  • Continue to manage stress — yoga, meditate, practice breathing exercises, take long baths — whatever helps you relax.
  • Feeling creaky? Focus on low-impact workouts and other types of exercise that are easier on your joints.
  • Great cardio at this point in your life is walking or running on the treadmill, cycling on the lifecyle, using the stairstepper, swimming or even just brisk walking for at least 20 minutes non stop.
  • Continue the weight training. Should be lower intensity, higher reps.Work the large body parts especially, legs, hips, chest/bust, stomach as well as the whole body.
  • While you can’t spot reduce, specializing on certain trouble areas when combined with dieting, cardio and working the whole body will tone up those problem areas.

The Good News

Gaining weight as you get older isn’t inevitable; everyone’s body is different and you may not experience all of the factors mentioned above. While your activity levels, hormones, and body composition do change with age, a consistently healthy lifestyle — balanced diet and regular exercise — can help keep your weight under control. “Aging can be beautiful, healthy, and strong,” says Gottfried.

A misconception is that when we get older, we should stop exercising. This is when we need it more than ever.

Other factors

Some other issues are that as we age, we accumulate more and more undigested foods, especially meat in our colons. It has been estimated that a 40 year old has anywhere from 7 to 25 lbs of undigested foods lodged in their colons and digestive tracts. That pot belly is very often foods we ate a very long time ago that never left us. Imagine keeping food in your refridgerator for 25 years or more. What would that be like?

Aside from the obvious, undigested foods blocks your body from assimilating nutritients from the foods we eat. Therefore the body sends out a signal that says, “I’m still hungry.” So we eat more.

We also accumulate candida albacans in our systems. These little rascals force us to crave sweets. It gets worse as we age.

Most of our protein comes from high calorie, high fat meats. Too many calories. Too much fat.


Include more soluble fiber in your diet. Soluble fiber has more of a cleansing affect than ordinary fiber foods. Use a good herbal supplement that cleanses the colon and entire digestive tract. This will eliminate stored meats, particles of other foods and canadida albacans.

To get more quality protein, eat lean meats, and fish and use a good protein shake derived from whey that contains the essential amino acids in the right balance. PLUS vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, herbs, and digestants.

Tony DeFrancisco is a wellness coach with First Fitness Nutrition. He has been in the health & fitness field since 1964 when he started lifting weights, taking nutritional supplements and eating right to build himself up. In the 1970s, he competed in powerlfting competitions, entering 100 competitions and winning 80 first places, 30 best lifter awards.

In 1976, he began his career as a weight control consultant/wellness coach and since has counseled with and helped over 3,000 clients.

In the late 1970s, he owned two health clubs in Central Pa. and was a consultant for the then Jack LaLanne/European Health Spas in Reading, Pa.

Tony also promoted numerous bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness competitions. Bring famous celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenneggar and Lou Ferrigno ao appear.

Over the years, Tony has written numerous articles for local newspapers and national magazines like Iron Man and Muscle Digest.

Tony is currently 66 years old and still works out regularly. He can be reached at (407) 761-3055 Website is

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As stated in the headline above., top rep in this company earned over $13 MILLION DOLLARS with this opportunity. He has earned $500,000+ per year for 15 years straight. Not a one time hit or one trick pony.

My sponsor has been earning $100,000+ every year since 1991. Longer term residual income.

And the best part is 99.99999999% of people have never heard of this company even though it has been around for 27 years. The best of all worlds. A ground floor opportunity with a established infrastructure in place.

If you have been in network marketing, you know it can be a grind. Over time, if you work, you can do well. The bad thing is that heretofore it took time to build your distributorship and see any meaningful gains, unless of course you were already a heavy hitter and just moved your downline from one company to a new one. Not everyone has that advantage.


Here finally is a company that gives people who are willing to work real money, real money RIGHT AWAY!


First, when you start with this company by reaching some easily achievable volume, you can earn a one time bonus check of $800. This occurs in your first month only.

How many of you have worked your buns off for a whole month only to see a massive bonus check for your first month of around $33 or even less?? That doesn’t have to happen anymore.

NEXT THERE ARE fast start bonuses where you can earn $20 to $100 when you enroll new distributors based on your rank. These are repeatable and are paid WEEKLY!

Isn’t that exciting??? If it’s not now, wait untill you see your check! But wait, there is still more….

Next and this really gets exciting, is the TEAM BONUSES. With Team Bonuses you can earn up to $3100 per week! Now even though I spelled it correctly I am sure that went right over most your heads. You read it and no doubt thought I meant a $3100 bonus per year or maybe per month. NO! Per week! $3100 per week. With the potential of Up to $166,400 per annum based on your rank on that bonus alone! How does your current marketing plan compare to that? Don’t answer. I already know.


Next as you build your network and your team grows, as they reach leadership positions, you can earn royalty override bonuses of up to 8% five levels deep based on your rank. Then Infinity Bonuses of up to 2.25%! But there is still more!

Next there are rank advancement bonuses of $250 to $15,000. A one time bonus on top of all the other bonuses already mentioned.

And there is still more!

This company also offers a luxury Mercedes Benz Car program. The company will pay you an additional car bonus to be used to lease a Mercedes of $600 to $1200 per month towards the lease. If you elect not to get a Mercedes-Benz, you have the option of earning a $300 monthly cash bonus instead.


And you can also qualify for travel. The company will pay your way to exotic places all over the world.

This business is Fun, Simple and Easy.

This company offers the best of all worlds: Weekly and Monthly Checks. B-I-G DOLLARS. Earn money right away plus build long term residual income.

In my 42 years of being in this industry, I have never seen any company with a marketing plan even close to this one.


You would expect me to tell you that our products are the best. And I will do just that because they are. Repeat sales and large numbers of referrals speaks for itself. People tell people. Friends tell friends. Satisfied customers ask to be distributors (What a refreshing change that is) Customers who use these products become walking and talking advertisements. Business explodes. Before you know it, you have a stampede of people wanting these products. And that is how it happens.

* Products are affordable

* Products in demand

* Repeat Buyers

* Generate Referrals

* Products deliver on their promises

* Real People – Real results.

Our company has a complete line of nutrition, weight loss, wellness, sports nutrition, anti-aging and beauty products. They are all fast sellers, repeat business and generate referrals.

Another bonus I failed to mention is retail profit. You can earn 20%-40% retailing these incredible products, get paid daily on those profits. And you can recieve a 20% to 40% discount on your own purchases.

Before you say, “Been there, done that” Or “Weight loss Programs??” Let me ask you, do you watch television? What is the biggest product being pitched on tv? It’s weight loss OR wellness OR beauty products OR Sports Nutrition OR anti aging, with weight loss being #1.

My first adventure in network marketing was with the very first high protein milkshake. Being in the first company was exciting. Business exploded. It seemed so easy. But guess what happened? Within 6 months, over 400 copycat companies emerged. A major health food store chain started marketing a copycat product similiar to our and sold it for less. They advertised it on tv —- MASS MARKET. Guess what?? It didn’t matter. Our business still grew. What all these copycats companies did was soften the business and it became even easier.

Some people said it would never last. The diet shake industry didn’t even exist prior to 1975. Today it is estimated to be a $10 billion industry and growing. THAT IS JUST DIET SHAKES ALONE! ONCE THOUGHT OF AS A FAD, NOW A HOT NEW TREND AND GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME.

* $955 Billion is spent Annually on weight loss, nutrition, wellness, anti aging, sports supplements and beauty products. This industry is H-U-G-E

* Wellness is a $3.4 Billion Global Industry 3 x bigger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.


* Network Marketing Worldwide sales are $183 billion

* 55,000 Americans join a network marketing company every week.

* By 2020, 40% of American’s will be doing some kind of freelance work to supplement their incomes

Checking this out costs you nothing. Missing out costs you everything.

Call or text me (407-761-3055

You’ll be glad you did.

I get mixed responses from my posts here on facebook. Some people love them and tell me to please continue, a few get angry while others say absolutely nothing. I guess that is a good balance.

My facebook friends are also quite diverse. There are people that I grew up with, family members, former neighbors, people I went to school with from grade school through high school, people who I have worked with in Pennsylvania, People I have worked with here in Orlando, many are from sports especially weightlifting /bodybuilding/powerlifting and a whole bunch are from network marketing going back to 1975. I love staying in touch with everyone.

So as to put everyone on the same page, I thought I would give a quick overview of my background and what motivates me to do what I do.

When I get involved with something I think that everyone and their brother needs it too. For example when I got in to weight training and physical culture  in 1964, I told everyone that they should lift weights and take nutritional supplements. It didn’t matter if they were male, female, young or old.

People thought I was crazy! Some people got into it, many are still in to it today and thank me for my “overzealessness” as they called it back then. Funny thing though. When I go into the gym I see everybody lifting weights these days, male, female, young and old. So I guess I was on the right path.

In the 1970’s I got into competitive powerlifting. over a 5 year period I competed in 100 competitions, won 80 first places including the YMCA Nationals, was twice North American AAU champion, won 30 best lifter awards broke a slew of state and national powerlifting records, broke the world meet recrod in the bench press at the World Powerlifitng Championships in 1973, broke the North American AAU record in the benchs press in 1974 and again in 1975 and at one point was ranked among the top three in the world in my weight class. (165 lb class, June 1974 at the AAU PA State Championships.)

Around the same time I got into promoting powerlifting and bodybuilding events and I brought the biggest names in the game to my little town in Berwick,Pa. population of around 9,000.   When I say largest i am serious  —like 6’5 275 lb Lou Ferrigno who of course went on to play THE Incredible Hulk on tv and when I say the best I mean the former governor Arnold Schwarzenneggar who went on to  become one of the biggest box office draws and a best selling author not to mention 5 time Mr. Universe and 7 time Mr. Olympia PLUS stars like Serge Nubret and many other Mr. America and Mr. Universe/Mr Olympia winners of that era.

People said that Berwick was too small of an area to support major events like these. Guess again. The event with Arnold had the largest audience ever seen in any bodybuilding contest in Pennsylvania.

When I was competing in powerlifitng meets, I found a secret weapon. While others were using dangerous anabolic steriods, I was using high quality nutritional supplements. To drop my weight quickly I would go on a high protein program with additional supplements. I could drop 20 lbs in 2 weeks and not lose any strength. This was unheard of and claimed to be impossible even by the steriod users. Yeah, that’s why I called it my “secret weapon.” And it worked everytime.

The steriod addicts thought that I was on some secret steriod that they didn’t know about. Result? I won 80 first places, was ranked third in the world in my weight class and broke the world meet record in the bench press.

This is not to brag but only to tell you what motivates me and why I am so excited about nutritonal products and believe n them so strongly. They have worked for me. I have walked the walk and not doing this to make a fast buck. It’s my passion. At least the products I have used delivered on their promises.

In 1975 I discovered network marketing. TO SOME people that is a bad two words.

For me it was as exciting as weight training was to me in the 1960’s, only in a different way. At the time I was working as a Radiology Transporter making about $250 a week in 1976 $$$ and driving a 4 year old Ford Pinto. A few months later I was generating $7,000 in monthly sales and driving a Lincoln Continental Mark V.  But by far the most significant benefit was the results that clients got from using that product. It was astounding. People tell me it changed their lives. And those who got into the business found anywhere from a few extra hundred to a couple of thosand extra each month to play with. Remember this was in the 70’s during the Carter days and a wicked recession.

In 1976 I was introduced to the first Hi Protein Meal Replacement weight loss program, a product called SLENDER NOW. Since I was no longer training regularly or competing, I had gained a fast 30 lbs of blubber. I lost those 30 lbs in record time and with little exercise. I started telling others about it and they got the same or similiar results; rapid and safe weight loss, increased self esteem, dramatic changes. So anybody who came within 2 feet of me heard about it as well as the business opportunity.

Around that same time there was a dangerous fad diet called Liquid Protein. I warned people about this gimmicky diet and even wrote an article about it in my local newspaper. Promoters of this junk were furious at me. They said I was attacking their product because it was competition for the Slender Now products I used myself and promoted. I issued a challenge and asked the promoters if they actually used the liquid protein product and suggested a weight loss contest putting our users vs theirs and people could judge not only who lost the most weight and inches but more importantly, who looked healthier and better. They refused. BUT……2 months later the government issued a recall on the Fad Liquid Protein Diet. Over 1000 people died from using that junk….the liquid protein fad diet.  Any diet program that restricts you to only 330 calories a day as the liquid protein diet did for an extended period of time is extremely dangrous. And it was.

I am totally opposed to any kind of gimmicky or fad diet plans. If it hasn’t worked for me and if I see anything wrong with it, I won’t market it irregardless how much money is supposedly being made by the promoters.

In the 1980’s I warned about The Cambridge Diet too. Another fad diet that was a lot like liquid protein, dangerous and caused numerous deaths.

In the 1990’s I WARNED about the fat burner products that contained ephedra and ma huang. Again the promoters were furious at me. How many people died from using that junk?

Like I said, I am against fad and dangerous diets, pills and other junk as well as  get rich quick schemes and scams. It bothers me when I hear that some people have been creamed, steamed and dry cleaned by some fast talking promoter. And it bothers me even more when people think that all programs are the same.

On December 21, 2009, I was hit with a mx missile of sorts in the form of a Myo Carditis attack. Myo Cardis is a viris that enters the heart and it can be and has been known to be lethal. I had congestive heart failure and nearly went into cardiac arrest. At the same time I was diagnosed as having a tumor on my left kidney. WHAT? How could this happen to me? I never smoked, drink moderately, take supplements, was working out and watch my diet. Well for one thing, my diet was more than just a little loose. The supplements I was taking were from the retail store shelf, not the best quality. I went against my own advice and opted for cheaper products  so as to be able to put money in my compaines 401 (k) plan. This almost killed me! The supplements were sheap for a reason. Low quality.  And cancer and heart disease runs on both sides of my family.

My surgeon tells me that I was too weak for surgery from the Myo Cardiits. That my heart would never hold up. He said that we needed to wait at least 4-6 months for me to rest and hopefully be recovered by then, but even then there would be a 50-50 chance of my surviving surgery.

I said “How about three weeks?’ He said impossible. So I said, “How about if I come back in three weeks, you put me through a battery of tests and then let the tests determine if I am ready?” He said ok but again said it was

“Impossible.” And then he said, “You are not thinking of exercising I hope! The theory that exercise can strengthen a weak heart is a myth. And in your present condition, exercise can do more harm than good. ”  I said, Yeah right!

The day I was released from the hospital I went right to the health food store and loaded up on supplements like Co-enzyme Q10, Fish oil, high potency Vitmain E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and in particular some super supplements Zavita, Trimbolic, 8RX and Cardio 1st.  I also followed the Suddenly Slim weight Loss program. My doctor told me I need to lose weight. I also started a exercise program first day out of the hospital. That included a massive 5 mins of walking very slowly on a treadmill on a flat surface and going for short walks. I was wasted.





 The myo carditis caused congestive heart failure fo me. I nearly died. And was in bad shape.  Ask anyone who has had cardiac issues. Recovery is slow and painful. And it was for me, at first. I remember walking out of church holding my chest and having breathing issues. It would be a long road back. Maybe I overloaded my promises this time and opened my big mouth too soon. But I was facing a time table challenge. I had to get better fast to be ready for surgery so continued with the exercise and nutritional program and by the way prayed a lot.

I started to feel a lot better.

Three weeks later I show up in his office. He sends me over to the hospital. I get MRI, Cardiac Catherization, EKG some ultra sound and other tests. He comnes back while I am enjoying that delicious hospital food (yuck!!!) takes his glasses off, rubs his face and then smiles at me and says, “I have never seen such a remarkable change in someone in the condition you were in a few weeks ago in any time period let alone three weeks. This is remarkable and I am prepared to clear you for surgery as soon as you like.”

What did I do? To recap,  I went on quality nutritional supplements, started a very mild exercise program (started walking about 10 feet and walking slowling on a treadmill for 5 minutes and I was wasted and then added on from that), within 2 weeks I was up to 20 minutes on the treadmill, had increased the speed and was walking a mile out doors everyday and something else: I prayed a lot. I was on a leave of absense from work so visited my church everyday. This was a must do event. I had to get my heart healthy again for surgery or that blasted tumor would grow and then I would be looking at chemo therapy and there was a strong possibility that I would not recover. My doctor told me that the tumor would quickly spread from my kidney to my lungs and then spread like wildfire th roughout my body.

With those kinds of odds I can get very motivated and do what some people think is “Impossible.”

Losing a kidney is not a huge deal, you can live on a 1/4 of one kidney, my issue was my heart which had taken a beating from the Myo Carditis and congestive heart failure. My Doctor told me that very few people survive congestive heart failure and that of those who do, many are not around a  year later or are very weak, almost invalids. I was determined not to be one of those statistics.

So I survived that. A few months later I am sitting at a red light in my car and get rear ended by a 19 year old driving a SUV. I was driving a Nissan Maxima, pretty heavy car. It was totaled and I ended up with heriated discs in my neck and lower back and a torn knee pad in my right knee plus bulging discs in both my neck and lower back.

Exercise was impossibe and even walking was difficult. By May of this year my weight had balooned up to 255 lbs of pure blubber. And I am only 5’4. So that is a lot of blubber on a small guy! I started having pains in my chest again along with breathing problems and a lot of pain walking. My knee especially was killing me. I couldn’t even walk my dog, my wife had to. And I was experiencing pain in my neck and lower back. Of the 8 discs in my neck, five were herniated and the other three were bulging. Same with my lower back.

At this point I was both mad and frustrated. Prior to the accident I had dropped my weight, was working out and feeling pretty good after the Myo Carditis. Now I had regained all the weight I lose and was having heath isssues again.

Several people began telling me about First Fitness. I said “No way, no how. Been there done that deal before  I couldn’t help but notice that these people had all lost a considerable amount of weight since I last saw them.

I went to church and saw somebody with a bumper sticker on her car. It said, “Get Suddenly Slim, ask me how?” That was a no brainer. I knew what company uses that saying.

Long story made short I decided to get back on First Fitness Products again. . On Sept 2, 2015, I began using the quick start program. I lost 5 lbs in three days and over 20 lbs in a month. Within days the aches and pains in my neck, back and knee went away.

In July, I felt good enough to start going to the gym again. The treadmill and lifecycle were a real challenge due to my right knee injury. I could barely last 10 minutes on each.

This week I am up to 45 minutes on the treadmill and 30 -60 minutes on the lifecycle.

I am especially proud of the fact that I can now set the treadmill at a speed and and incline that I have not used since before my Myo Carditis attack nearly 2 years ago! I am also pumping some serious iron again. And two days ago for the first time since the accident, I can use weight resistance for leg exercises like leg extensions and leg presses without pain.

Jeesh Tony. What are you doing writing a book? I know that’s a lot of writing there. No, not a book. Just telling my story and why I do what I do. Hopefully you may find something in it and understand why I do what I do.

By the way,  my weight hit 192 lbs. by Christmas 2015 Down from 255 lbs last Sept. I never suggest anything that I don’t use myself.

Since getting into First Fitness, I’ve been hearing from all sorts of people trying to get me into their “deal” and why it’s the best thing going.

Consequently, I do post updates on how I am doing with the business as well as with my weight loss and fitness. Some people cautioned me, “That ole dog don’t hunt anymore.” ENT! Guess again guys. In terms of network marketing companies, First Fitness is the best thing going. That is why I passed on the others and still say no to the other offers. I wanted to be a part of a company that is solid, time tested, clean and had proven products and a proven marketing system that worked for everyone.  AND…still has a career opportunity and growth potential..

Owing to my health problems, I wanted to be sure that whatever products I used were the absolute best quality available and safe for everyone who used them. And for a long time I have been looking for a weight loss product that delivered like Slender Now did back in the 1970’s. I’ve found it with First Fitness.

We also have a very powerful medical and scientific advisory board, second to none. One of our members is a noble laureate.  If  you are putting products into your system, you have beeter be sure that they were developed by people who know what they are doing. Many companies scrap together products and then test market them on the public. Not all network marketing companies are good.

I was also looking for a company that had good leadership. The CEO of First Fitness created a comapny in the 1970s that went from 0 to over $300 million in sales in under 3 years. In all the years that I have been in network marketing and with other companies,  I have bever seen a better leader.

Some people confuse First Fitness with other MLM companies.  This is a new and different puppy. The products  and marketing plan have been revamped. The shakes now come in 2 different flavors and are delicious. Our weight loss plan is a complete program providing all the nutrition you need everyday and includes four formulas. Most of the products have been reformulated and are now new and improved. I am especially impressed with the changes and improvement in quick start weight loss program.  The shakes, Trimbolic Biomega, Zavita and Energy drink products make a great substitute for cofee and soda. In fact I  have many people who have kicked the coffee, iced tea and soda habits.

Many companies offer just a shake or diet drink or something that curbs the appetite so you eat less. In my mind, these type of products fall into the same category as the liquid protein and other fad diets of old.  Be careful!

A few years ago, First Fitness came out with a product called Cardio First and 8RX. I sincerely believe that these two products played an integral role in my rapis recovery.  and it is the buzz of the industry. First Fitness launched a sports nutriional line which is absolutely incredible.  And First Fitness has a complete line of Herbal nutrtiional products that are state of the art.  Since starting on the products 18 months ago, I have never felt better.

So hopefully this will tell you why I do what I do regarding the weight loss and nutrition as well as the business opportunity. I’ve been weak and gained strength, comeback from serious illnesses, won championships and overcome insurmountable challenges. And I know that these are difficult days for a lot of people.  I’m 60 years old and never have I seen so  many people as frustrated as they are right now. Even those who are doing good are not doing as well as they were doing  sometime ago and are scared about their future. I’m here to tell you that there is another way. There is hope if you’ll just reachout and embrace it. That’s the real purpose of what I do and why I do it.

By the way, I have also  never seen so many people so excited as I have here in First Fitness. What makes us different?

I hope this was helpful to you.

Thank you.

Tony DeFrancisco

Have A Happy & Healthy VALENTINES DAY this year By Tony DeFrancisco

Edit articlePublished on February 2, 2017

After Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, the next most popular time for people to engage in overeating is coming up ….Valentines Day. Here are some tips to enable you to enjoy Valentines Day while staying healthy and keeping your weight under control.

Even though it is only February 1st, the candies are already coming out and parties are starting. Culminating will be the big day itself, February 14th – Valentines Day where people will go out, wine and dine.

The question I am getting from my clients is how do I enjoy Valentines Day and still not blow my diet or look like a stuffed pig? Others are wondering how they can have a good time and stay healthy.

Here are some suggestions.

As always drink lots of water. Drinking water can curb your appetite and cleanse your system. Stay away from soft drinks, even the diet drinks contain sodium which retains water and also contains many bad ingredients that are bad for your health.

Have a large glass of water and eat a salad BEFORE your main meal. Salads contain enzymes which help you digest, fiber to clean you out and roughage to fill you up so you don’t overeat. Salads can be prepared to be tasty and enjoyable.

Nuts make for great in

between meal snacks.

  • Go easy on the candy. Consider nuts especially almonds and walnuts. Tree nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios are rich in compounds called phytosterols that can help keep cholesterol in check. Try toasting them lightly in the oven or a dry frying pan to bring out their natural flavor. Then sprinkle them on top of steamed vegetables for a great side dish, or add them to your salad. I like putting walnuts and cinamon on my oatmeal in the morning.

Continue to start your day off with your morning shake. Choose your favorite flavor, Refer to Get Suddenly Slim for more shake recipes. With our shake, you can mix it with water instead of milk. Water is better for you. Milk can cause allergic reactions with many people.

To bolster your morning. Add Trimbolic and/or Biomega to your shake. This makes a delicious drink, fills you up and provides good quality nutrition.

For lunches, have your second shake. Skip the “Big Mac” attack. A shake contains only 170 calories, packed with nutrition, low fat protein, quality carbs, essential fatty acids, herbs, vitamins & minerals, digestive aides and more and will cost you less. We think those quick, “fast food” lunches don’t hurt. They do they add up. High fat. High calories, salt and no nutrition.

Institute or continue your exercise program. Find a workout partner. Your spouse or significant other is a good candidate. Set a goal to workout at least three times per week and never miss. Workout partners can inspire one another and assure that you keep the habit of exercise going.

As mentioned above, eat a salad before your main meal. And drink a large glass of water. For your main course, consider fish over red meats. Fish is low fat and heart healthy. Salmon is my personal favorite. Also high in Omega 3 fatty acids and tastes excellent.

Make sure you add your veggies.

And of course what is Valentines Day or dining out without a glass of wine or champagne? These should be used in moderation , as they are high in calories. However the good news is that they contain natural antioxidants from grapes. So there is a plus side to drinking alcohol.

As an alternative, you can make a festive non-alcoholic drink by adding a splash of 100% fruit juice to sparkling water. Red-purple juices like 100% grape and pomegranate juice are rich in polyphenols, naturally occurring compounds in the fruit, which help to increase blood flow and support healthy blood pressure. I like drinking Biomega which tastes delicious, is good for you, loaded with vitamins and minerals. Drink it out of your favorite champagne glass.

Contains whole leaf Aloe Vera, vitamins, macrominerals, botanical extracts, antioxidants, amino acids, and phytonutrients that support digestive health and whole body wellness

  • Now I know everyone is saying “What about chocolates. Well of course. No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a little bit of chocolate. Naturally occurring compounds in cocoa, called flavonoids, act as antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the more flavonoids, so enjoy a bite of dark chocolate to finish your meal. For a doubly healthy dessert, drizzle some melted bittersweet chocolate over fresh berries. The natural red-purple pigments that give berries their beautiful color act as antioxidants, too.
  • Some Tidbits…………

Did you know the average person gains 7 – 15 pounds during in February up to Valentines Day?

It isn’t that difficult to prevent this. Just a few simple steps can help you not only not gain weight over the Valentines Day holiday, but actually lose. Try Trimbolic. Contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight

Consider Trimbolic…………….

Now A Product that….

* Makes you feel full

* Curbs the appetite

* Rids your body of celluite

* Reduces fat, pounds and inches

* Delicious tasting. Great in between meal snack

* Lose weight in February while enjoying parties and meals

Message or call me and find out why Trimbolic will help keep the weight off and fight cellulite. Contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight.

Even with salads, your body needs a total cleansing. Reneu is the perfect product for this. Supports cleansing and detoxification of the inner body and colon to help enhance the absorption of food, vitamins and minerals, promote good health, and optimize weight loss

Also Slim Balm which naturally curbs the appetite. On your lips and off your hips. Slimbalm’s cooling blend of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy provides a scent, taste, and feel, which soothes the lips, controls appetite, and helps you lose weight.

Leadership: Remember the Frog and the Scorpion


I have worked as a team leader for 4 different companies and been a upline in network marketing with organizations with members in the thousands. Thus I have had the opportunity to see all types of people.

What I have found is that you cannot change anyone, you can lead them and help them bring out their potential. But if someone has some innate characteristics, there is nothing you can do to change that.

For example, in my current position I have a gentleman named Miquel who was struggling. He made sales, but nowhere near what was expected. He went through the same training, so what was the problem?

Management wanted to terminate this guy. I asked to work with him for awhile and see if I could help him. Managements response was that he was on my team and nothing seemed to be working. What difference could I make now?

They allowed me some time to work with Miquel. The first thing I did was take him aside and have a private meeting with him. I could see the horror on his face. He thought I was going to fire him. Instead, I asked him what his goals were with this company. Did he see himself as a “lifer” He said he did. He liked this job and wanted to succeed. Then he went on to explain that he was having an issue with some of the strategies and in particular the verbage I was teaching as well as some of the sales training. He found it uncomfortable.

Also I asked him why he never participated in our group sessions when we discussed book, cd and video training assignments. He acknowledged a little sheepishly that he didn’t read the books, listen to the cd’s or watch the dvd videos. He told me he had disdain for the sales trainers that I recommended and honestly didn’t think it would work.  He thought these trainers whose books were rampant in book stores and had websites, sold courses were just charlatans.

I pointed to people like Angelo, a young man also of Spanish descent like Miquel who started off rather humbly and went on to make rapid progress. He was using the material I recommended. I also pointed to myself and indicated that I used the sales and management training espoused by the sales trainer I recommended. I rose from nothing to doing $100,000 in monthly sales and became a team leader. I smiled and said, “It works. But only if you use it.”

I told him that I wanted to work with me provided he would work with me. He was relieved. I thought I called him in to fire him. First, he had to listen to the CDs, watch the DVDs and do the exercises. He already had good product knowledge. He erroneously felt that was all he needed. He agreed to work but was a like reluctant.

So I worked with him and suggested he paraphrase some of the things I taught. He participated in group training sessions. I could tell he was USING the training. We worked over the scripts together. Role played. It was obvious where he was struggling.  We made some changes that he was comfortable with. He did PDR Practed, Drilled and Rehearsed with me and others in training and on his own time. His sales went from under $10,000 a month to over $40,000. He was thrilled and so was management. My superiors wanted to know what I did differently. I simply told them that you can’t change anyone, you can only bring out what is inside. Miquel wanted to improve. He just needed someone to show him how to do it and moreover, show that someone cared.

By direct contrast, I worked as a team leader and with a guy who we will call Sondro. This guy was similar to Miquel. He seemed like a nice guy, sharp, good looking guy and very friendly. He was also struggling and was on managements hit list. I tried to work with this guy, he wouldn’t listen and in another regard, he was trying to get my job. I was on his radar screen and he telegraphed it.

Sondro went on to became a problem employee. He would take unauthorized breaks. He wouldn’t do what I suggested to him instead he was a maverick doing things his way which wasn’t working.

Still I wanted to help this guyl. He had a family and obligations and appeared to have potential. So I kept giving him more opportunities and he agreed to follow my advice and give it a shot, but never did. Instead, he would go back to management and say negative things about me that of course were not true. This guy was the classic scorpion.

One day, after along dialing session around 11am Sondro told me he was going out to buy a hot dog. I looked at my watch and told him that it wasn’t break time and lunch was 2 hours away. He said it was ok, management gave him authorization.

Management came by and asked me where Sondro was. I said he went for a hot dog and was told management approved it. Such was not the case. When Sondro returned, he was hussled to the HR dept office and was promptly terminated. Finally the scoropions tactics had backfired.

Unfortunately, Sondro told management that I approved that he could leave. Of course that was a lie. Sondro the scorpion was trying to sting me. Unlike Miquel, Sondro had certain personality characteristics that were let’s say evil. Nothing I could do or say would change Sondro. Unlike Miquel, he didn’t want help. He wanted to get a position he didn’t deserve by any means necessary. And he wanted to do things his way along with taking excessive breaks. Also like Miquel initially, he Sondro was struggling. I recommend the same books, CDs, DVDs that I recommended to Miquel. Unlike Miquel, Sondro did not change anything. He thought he was already a polished salesperson. A know it all. And he also raved about the fact that he had a house that was completely paid off and that somehow put him at a higher level than anyone else.

When you are green you are growing and when you are ripe you are rotten.”

I first heard this statement over 40 years ago. It is very true. If you think you know it all, you are ripe, unteachable and doomed to failure. When you continue to train, educate yourself and study sales skills you are ripe and continue to grow. Think about it. Imagine a athlete who stops training. Says. “I’m in shape. Don’t need to train anymore.”  How fast will this guy decline? Instantly and permanently unless changes are made. But here is the key factor: A person can only change if they want to and believe they can. If they were brewed like Sondro, think they are doing good enough and know it all, dismiss sales, motivation and personal development training, they are lost.  They are scorpions who never change, never grow and never achieve any meaningful success.

Now on to the story of the frog and the scorpion. I first heard this story told by the late, great Jim Rohn way back in 1987. This was my first run with Herbalife and we all gathered in at the Embassy Suites Hotel Ballroom in Altamonte Springs, FL to listen to Mr. Rohn. Later, along with 30 associates, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Rohn.

For those not familiar with Jim Rohn, he has been and still is the mentor to tens of thousands of business people. His most famous student is Anthony Robbins who also worked for Jim Rohn. Probably 75% of what Robbins teaches is what he picked up from Jim Rohn. Anyway here is the story of the frog and the scorpion as Jim Rohn told it:

One morning a frog was about to cross over a pond to the other side of the lake. Standing several feet away is a scorpion. The scorpion seeing that the frog is about to swim across the lake shouts;

“Hey Mr. Frog. Can I ask you for a favor?”

The frog looks over, nervously and knows full well that scorpions are the enemy of frogs and responds;

“What could you possibly want with me?”

The Scorpion responds;

“I see you are about to cross over the lake. I too would like to get over to the other side but as you probably know, scorpions can’t swim. Would you be so kind as to allow me to hop on your back and I could cross over with you?”

The frog just laughs and says;

“Are you crazy? Everybody knows that scorpions sting frogs. If I let you on my back, you will sting me and I’ll die?”

The scorpion responds;

“No Mr. Frog. You are not thinking with your little frog brain. If I sting you, yes you will die but then so will I. Why would I do that?”

The frog thinks and says,

“Yeah that makes sense. Scorpions are ruthless but that would be stupid. Ok. Come on over and hop on my back. I’ll carry you with me.”

So the scorpion jumps on the frogs back while the frog swims across the lake. The scorpion is making conversation with the frog and the frog is impressed at what a nice guy this scorpion is. He then apologizes to the scorpion for being so rude to him.

But then as soon as they get half way across the pond, the scorpion stings the frog! The frog is amazed. He can’t believe it.

“Why did you do that to me. I’m going to die but so are you.”

‘Because Mr. Frog, I am a scorpion and scorpions sting frogs. That will never change.”

So the lesson as it applies to leadership is that you can bring out someone’s potential, but you cannot change their inner personalities, unless of course they want to change. Work with people who deserve it, not those who need it. And beware of scorpions and people like Sondro.