New XanoLean Supreme is far more effective than ephedra ever was! By Tony DeFrancisco

XanoLean Supreme Enhancements. Since relaunching Suddenly Slim with Lee Causey’sNew XanoLean Supreme formula in July, the results have been accelerated dramatically. We’ve never seen weight loss success stories like we are seeing right now. XanoLean Supreme is far more effective than ephedra ever was in the 90’s, and even better than the Extreme formula we once had. We are hearing and seeing success stories like 9 pounds in 4 days, 16 pounds in 10 days, and FFN’sown Chamunda Rush from Atlanta lost 18 pound in just 4 days. A product yielding this kind of results is unheard of—if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

A powerful nutrient-rich herbal formula designed to help curb appetite, help reduce belly fat, promote the fat burning process, and increase energy

I have lost 40 lbs and 47 inches of fat since September 5th. Waist down 7 1/2 inches. Toned up all over. This program is the best I have ever used.

Remember the fat burners of the 1990s? This product works even better and most importantly, is safe. Incredible weight and inch loss. If you are struggling with weight loss, try Xanoline Supreme. There is nothing else like anywhere.



HI (prospects name), how’s it going? This is Tony DeFrancisco, I’m calling you back How are you doing today? You requested more information about working from home. What can I do for you?

LISTEN AND TAKE NOTES. Create a good volley and go back and forth. Don’t do for the jugular. Let the prospect talk.

Build rapport. Verify state they live in.


How is the weather in_______today?”  Do small talk at first. Create a friend first. 

Do you have a pen and paper handy? To save us both time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Some questions to ask are:



What is it?

(if no)

What do you do for a living?”

“How long?””

“What do you like about it?”

“What do you dislike about it?”

“Are you thinking of replacing your income or just supplementing it?”

Do you have a family, spouse, children?”

“Have you ever been self employed or owned a home based business before?”

“Now what level of income are you looking to generate in the next 12 months?”

Do you have some capital set aside to start your business?”

You know (prospect, our company has quite a standard for the people we are looking for. There is a lot of work on our part in setting someone up in a home based business successfully. So we are looking for people who are absolutely serious about building a business and making money from home. So ( prospect) how serious are you about starting a home business?

Stop & listen

Then add

Tell me why?

Great, let me tell you a little about the company I work with. Our company is First Fitness Nutrition based out of Dallas, TX. They have been in business since 1989 and are operating in all states in the USA and in the Bahamas.  Our company is in the health & nutrition business, has created an incredible infrastructure and set for a huge explosion in the coming months and years. We sincerely believe that First Fitness will become a household name in the next 5 years.

Our company founder, Lee Causey created the world’s first diet shake in the 1970s and took that company from zero to $300 million in three years, setting records that still stand today. He created a product that turned into a industry and many people who were associated with that company became millionaires. Today the diet shake industry is generating over $10 billion in sales and is leading weight loss system around the world.

So now Mr. Causey is starting again with a new program and we expect this to be just as successful. Obviously none of us have a time machine. We can’t go back to the 1970s and jump in that company when it was new and unheard of. However, we  do have First Fitness now and looking for people serious about created a a serious income.

“How serious are you about creating a serious income and working form home ____?”

Now (prospect), the person we are looking for has 3 main qualities:

  1. They are a team player
  2. They are self motivated
  3. They are dependable

Do you feel that you have these qualities ___________?  Great! If they say no, convert to a customer

“Do you have internet access? 

(if yes) Verify email from lead source or ask:

What is your email address?

I’m going to send you a link to my website and some other information about the company. Send website and most recent webinar.

Let me give you my number. This is my cell number. Feel free to call or text me, leave a vm if I don’t anser and I’ll get right back to you. I’m on the phone all day long.

We’re prescreening a lot of people right now. We’ll be making a decision real soon, so the sooner you get to the website, the better. Depending on what your response is to this information will determine whether or not we can work together and where you will fit on our team.

Are you in front of your computer right now? 

If yes, give them the website over the phone and have them go on the website. Take them through the opportunity online.

(If no) email the info and arrange for a callback time A.S.A.P

Closing Script for for prospect who has seen the presentation, immediate or follow up

If first call

Pretty impressive  isn’t it? (stop and listen) Then add, 

“Tell me what you liked best about the presentation________.”

“Tell me more about that? (Le them sell themselves. Take notes here, add to the notes from before. 

“Okay (prospect) do you want to make a little or a lot of money with First Fitness?”

“What kind of income would you like to earn in your first year?”

“Tell me why” OR  “What for”

(get them to tell you you what they would spend the money on, get them dreaming and telling you about their goals.

“Let me ask you_________(prospect), at your current job, how long will it take you to (whatever their goals and dreams were)

“So in other words _______, it looks like working at your present job will never enable you to reach those dreams & goals, is that correct?

Where do you see yourself  getting started ______? Just basic test the water level and make a little money or dive right in  at the serious level and make a lot of money? 

As you saw in the presentation, there are many ways to start. Based on what you just told me, I would recommend the Director level. As a director you would earn 40% on all retail sales, 20%-40% on all wholesales sales, chose over $2,000 of products, get a  free website for one entire  year, we’ll waive the enrollment fee.

You will also qualify for fast start bonuses

You qualify to be paid weekly and monthly

You can earn daily income off retail sales.

Your income is unlimited.

At this level you will be most likely to qualify for all 8 ways to earnings money with First Fitness and will earn the most money.

It’s at the director level where you begin earning:

  1. Royalty Bonuses (6% up to 5 generations)
  2. Leadership Infinity Bonuses (up to 2%)
  3. Rank Advancement Bonuses (up to $89,400)
  4. Mercedes Benz Car Bonus ($600-$1200) Drive in style
  5. Dream Vacations & Incentives every 6 months -Get 3 directors and go

We’ve already been to Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Cancun, Caribbean, Hawaii, Ireland, London, Monte Carlo,  Paris, South Africa, Tahiti, Venice, and Rome. With more to come. It’s easy to qualify. Let me ask you_______does your present company offer you vacations to exotic places like this? Don’t feel bad, most companies don’t. Our does. So are you ready to get started and start qualifying for these incredible bonuses and trips?

All it costs to get started at this level is $1495 and what you get is all of the above.  Imagine having your own business and all of these benefits for only $1495! Incredible isn’t it?

Did you want to use visa,MC, Discover or AMEX. We accept all four. Which card gives you the best service?

If they object, throw their dreams & goals  right back at them. Also reassure them that you will be working with them from day one. (IMPORTANT) Make sure you do work with them. Give them assignments. Make their lists of prospects and set up a time to do three way calls. Have them make up their goal & dreams list and commit to writing, vision board. Attend webinars and local trainings. 

So to start, I can get you enrolled today. And then I can 3 way you over to the company and get your website setup. You can begin doing business today. Isn’t that exciting___?

If all goes well, get their cc, enroll them and then 3 way them to corporate. Let them get their website going and then help them on how to best optimize their website to generate business.

If they still object, ask them

“_________just out of curiosity, what is holding you back?”  

“___________is it that you really don’t have the money (time etc.) and you really do want to get started or you just can’t say no and don’t want to hurt my feelings?” 

If they object to giving a credit card over the phone, say

____________That is a good question and I totally understand.  You have to be careful these days and I know you don’t know me from atom. But understand_______, First Fitness has been in business for over 25 years, they have earned the right to have merchant accounts with all of the credit card companies mentioned (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX) and if FIRST FITNESS was not legitimate, they could lose their merchant account status. Not to mention their are strict state and federal guidelines for credit card usage.  All companies must abide by these guidelines. You do trust MC/VISA/DISC/AMEX don’t you? close!

Let’s get you started. So which card do you want to use? Let me know when you are ready.   And then I’ll transfer you over to corporate to get your website set up. 

If it comes down to money, downsell to supervisor package.

“______, in that case there is another option I would recommend for you. It’s called the supervisor package. Obviously, your earnings will not be as great as with the Director package, but you can still earn money and work your way up to director over time. Here is how this works.

You get $900 of products


FREE website

You still qualify for fast start bonuses (paid weekly) of from $20 to $150

You will earn 30% on retail sales and 30% discounts on your own product purchases.

Earn 5%-10% on wholesale purchases

This is a $900 value for only $749. Do  you want to use VISA, MC, AMEX OR DISC??

If still too much and you really think this person really has a $$$ issue, make the Sr.  Associate as a last resort.

“Well ________ there is one final option that I want to share with you. This is more or less a “test the water level basic system” You still get in the business, you still earn fast start bonuses, you earn 25% on retail sales, 5% on wholesale, we’ll waive the enrollment for you and you get a free website for one whole year. You also get $300 in products for only $249. That is our beginner package. It will get you in, won’t give you the results of the first two packages however. But if money is really tight, then this is where you should start. You can always build up to the supervisor and director levels and I’ll help you do that.


IT’S IMPORTANT TO REASSURE the prospect that you will work with him and help him succeed. YOU are not there just to take his money. Also let him know that you will help him as long as he works the business and let’s you help him. When he stops, you stop.

Also, keep reminding him of the potential of this business. Lee Causey started his first company in the 1970s and took it from 0 to over $300 million in under three yearsl Today that product has turned into a $10 billion+ industry.

“_______________according to Paul Zane Pilzer, author of 5 best sellers and advisor to 2 US presidents, 

* The new wellness industry has grown to $500 million and is just getting started

  • $141 billion is spent annually on Nutrition, Weight Loss and Anti Aging products
  • The average US family spends about $200 monthly on wellness

The network marketing industry has grown 90% in the last ten years

Network marketers worldwide generate $179 billion  in retail revenue

Network marketers in the US alone generate $34 billion in retail revenue

NETWORK MARKETING INS BOOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To understand just how B-I-G network marketing is, consider this…….

  • The music industry generates $15 billion in sales
  • Video Gaming generates $76 billion in sales
  • Movie industry generates $88 billion in sales
  • Natural foods generates $90 billion in sales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Guess where the real growth is? NETWORK MARKETING!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                           ISN’T IT TIME YOU GOT INVOLVED?????

Alternate Close Script while on phone with a hot prospect

If someone doesn’t want the business,  wants to think about it etc, the next step is to enroll them as a customer. Here is what you say:

“__________Sounds like you are not sure about us. So the next step for you_______ is to try our products and let your body tell you whether or not it works. At this point you will know if this is something you can really get behind and find out why this program is sweeping the nation right now.  We have a risk free, 100% money back guarantee. Are you more interested in weight loss loss, more energy, sports nutrition, skin & body care or or wellness? Lead them to the right product.

If weight loss

Our most popular program is transformation. It is a 30 day program

30-day Program  |  5 powerful products
Supports fat burning + curbs appetite*
Cleanses the inner body and colon*
Includes meal replacement shakes*
Includes fat and cellulite fighter*
Menu Guide to keep you on track
BODY SHAPING PROGRAM for only $189.95 Only $6 per day.
Accelerated Weight Loss Program

30-day Program  |  2 powerful products
Supports fat burning + curbs appetite*
Cleanses the inner body and colon*
Menu Guide to keep you on track
$89.95 only $3 a day
As a last resort for weight loss
Maximum Strength Weight Loss Formula
A powerful nutrient-rich herbal formula designed to help curb appetite, help reduce belly fat, promote the fat burning process, and increase energy. Most powerful yet safe fat burner on the market.
30 day supply $59.95 only $1.99 a day for the body of your dreams.
For cleansing and general wellness
10-Day Cleanse
A simple and convenient whole body cleanse!*
Includes: Reneú, LipoMax, and Fit to a Tea!
Inner Body & Colon Cleanse
Supports cleansing and detoxification of the inner body and colon to help enhance the absorption of food, vitamins and minerals, promote good health, and optimize weight loss.
Health & Wellness
Whole Body Wellness
An exclusive antioxidant and mineral formula from the Amazon Rainforest that helps support the immune system, helps reduce pain and inflammation, enhances mental clarity, reduces stress, and promotes deep, restful sleep.
(25 servings)
$133.50 (3 bottles)

Why Diets Don’t Work. How To Really Lose up to 30lbs in 30 Days and Keep it off forever. PT 5 By Tony DeFrancisco, Wellness Specialist

1) Typical dieting leaves you hungry, tired and irritable. You end up losing lean    tissue and water and very little fat.

2) Everyone should exercise and exercise will burn calories and tone you up. So why doesn’t it work for most people in trying to lose weight? Because most people are so out of shape that they can’t (nor should they)  train with the intensity required to set off the metabolic fire to affect weight and fat loss. Thus trainees get discouraged and quit

3) Exercise is a regular almost daily discipline that many do not want to engage in, at least initially.

4) Most traditional diets leave you nutritionally depleted. As you cut calories, you cut nutrition.

5) As we age our metabolisms slow down making it more and more difficult to control weight.

6) Many of us have those little rascals called Candida Albicans that trigger sweet cravings. Just as our diet is going great, we have to have something sweet. And these sweets contain empty calories and cause blood sugar levels to sky rocket. Sugar also causes you to retain more fat.

7) The cardinal rule in losing weight is less calories, obviously. The less calories we consume, the less we should weigh right? Then how come it doesn’t work?

Your body needs the macro nutrients protein, carbohydrates and essential fats everyday.  As well as micro nutrients vitamins, minerals, trace minerals. And they must be provided in the proper ratio.  The typical American diet is way too high in refined carbohydrates. Too high in fat filled protein and saturated fats, the wrong type of fats. Aside from what we eat, what we drink is also bad; soft drinks, processed juices and too much alcohol.  Also the energy drinks which are primarily sugar and caffeine with some cheap, synthetic vitamins and minerals thrown in. The problem with these energy drinks is that aside from being bad for you, they throw your blood sugar and metabolism into a tailspin.

We also talked about the importance of cleansing our systems. Why our digestive tracts get blocked up over time and this impedes our weight loss goals. For more information on this go back to Parts 1 through 4.

Set points were also discussed. We explained why people who are not cheating are still not getting results and it is now your fault. Other forces are at play here.

Then we discussed bio-engineered meals via meal replacement shakes.  And I threw out a challenge for anyone to show me a shake that even comes  close to ours. No one answered the challenge and no wonder. No other meal replacement can come close. I’ve been using meal replacements since 1974 and feel uniquely qualified to make that statement. Our shake is thick and delicious and can be mixed with water. Provides all the macro nutrients in the right proportion plus other nutrients.  It is delicious and filling and most importantly…nutritious. It feeds the body properly.

I also went a little into my back ground. That I have always had to fight the battle of the bulge. Here is me weighing 250 lbs.

Jeesh. Where is my neck? Talk about overweight.

And here I am again in a full body shot weighing 250 lbs sometime ago. Look at that gut! I am bulging through my clothes. 

I was using a popular Herbal weight loss program and working out hard at the gym and lost 25 lbs. Taking my weight down under 220. But it was the old y0-yo routine. I developed a program of working out with weights 3-5 times per week and 3 days of cardio with one “Iron Man” Routine doing 90 mins of non stop cardio going from the treadmill to the lifecycle to the aerobic rower to the stairclimber. This was gruelling and time consuming. It worked except whenever I took a break, my weight shot right back up. I would regain 2-5 lbs and I was constantly hungry, especially craving sweets.

On September 5th, I started a new program,mostly nutritional which is the one I refer to here. I lost 5 lbs the first day and 15 lbs in the first 10 days. In less than 4 weeks I dropped 33 lbs, 40 inches and 7 waistline inches. Most of all, I feel fantastic.

Last Friday I weighed in at 176 lbs. The lightest I have been since 1974. The weight and fat is melting off of me. My goal is to get down to 155-160. I feel I can reach this before Christmas easy.

I am not alone. Here are some others who have benefited from this program:

Some people have asked me for before and after pictures and promised that If I shared mine they would share theirs.  There are mine. I’m waiting for yours now.

I am big on supplements because it is so hard to get good nutrition solely by eating regular foods alone.  Our program has four components:

1) Thermogenic Generator-Remember those fat burners from the 90s? This product works much faster than they ever did and most importantly, is a safe product. Creates “Thermogensis”  (heat) within the body which creates a metabolic fire and causes the body to burn fat at a very fast (and safe) rate

2) Candida Albican remover – those little rascals ruin our diets everytime. This product cleanses the system and removes candida albicans so you can take those pounds off and keep them off forever.

3) Bio-engineered meals- One of the most overlooked factors while dieting is getting the right nutrition.  Usually safety is the last consideration. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can get those pounds and inches off without compromising your health.  Bio-engineered meals gives you super nutrition with super foods.

Many people are still using shakes that require you to mix them with milk. When I was a teen and just starting to lift weights, we were taught to drink a lot of milk. It was supposed to be good for you. One thing I noticed was that the more milk I drank, while I did get bigger and stronger, I also got fatter. Years later I switched to 1%-2% milk. Less fat but the fact is, dairy products are not really that good for you and so many people suffer from lactose intolerance: they can’t digest milk. So they go on a weight loss shake that requires milk, 2 times per day, get sick and think all shakes are bad. Not so.  Stop Using Milk In Your Shakes.  OR At least use sparingly. 

BTW. Our meal replacement is time released so you get a gradual release of nutrition throughout the day, rather than just one big blast.

Metabolic Fat Blocker – This one we talked a little about. This product I believe will become ever more successful than the diet shake. This is not a  meal replacement, but a delicious drink you take right before your main meal and as a snack in between meals. What it does is it bonds with the fat in the food you eat and eliminates it. It also maintains your blood sugar level throughout the day.  This helps to eliminate sugar cravings.  This product is great for women who have that dreaded condition called Cellulite and men with those handlebars on the side of the waist and fatty tissue on the back of the legs. This product also curbs hunger pangs. You feel full and have a high level of energy.

Contains dietary fibers and botanical extracts that help satisfy your appetite, smooth cellulite, and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight

How this system works…….

You take one or two bioengineered meals per day.  This food provides 50% low-glycemic carbs, 30% biologically usable protein, and 20% essential fatty acids. These are the good fats everyone forgets about…and it shows.

Then you take the special thermogenic formula 2-3 times per day to gently and safely charge up your metabolism.

You take the herbal cleanser 1-2 times per day but especially before your main meal and before you go to bed at night with a large glass of water.

And you take a metabolic fat blocker drink before your main meal and as a in between snack. I take it twice a day and can’t be without it.  This is a delicious and as my wife says a “very refreshing” drink. Tastes like a thick slurpee. Only good for you. This combines with the herbal cleanser but most importantly gives fat a one way ticket out of your body.  This helps fat from being absorbed and also maintains blood sugar levels.

You eat one colorful meal per day.  A balanced meal and real foods; meat, fish, poultry, and fruits.

Drinks lots of water.

Diet Balm-This is a new product. If you have a lot of weight to lose you may still get hunger pains. This goes on like chapstick for men or lipstick for women. It kills your appetitite. One gentleman  started to use this product earlier this year. Weighed 320 lbs and lost 40 lbs in 2 months.

On your lips and off your hips………….

I have tried many diet programs. This one has been a joy to be on. Feel  great. Eat real foods and get rapid results. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Tony DeFrancisco  is a weight control consultant and wellness coach. He has been involved in physical culture, fitness, health and bodybuilding since 1964. He has helped over 1,000 people lose weight and improve their health since 1976.   He can be reached at (407) 678-7235  

Visit his website:

For 5-7 people serious about losing weight and earning a serious income.

Spooktacular Weight Loss Results: My Weight Loss Journey from 250 to 176. By Tony DeFrancisco

Not too long ago my weight was a hefty 250 lbs. For a 60+ year old who stands only 5’4″  3/4  high, that is a ton of weight. My blood pressure was high. I felt stuffed all the time. I tried to justify this weight due to the fact that I lost a kidney and had a heart attack several years ago. Everybody knows that you gain weight with only one kidney and after having heart problems right? Plus I was in my 60s and this is an age where your activity slows down (even for normal healthy people) and your metabolism really becomes sluggish.

My before picture at 250 lbs. I didn’t even have a neck!

A full body shot with my beautiful wife Rosemary and my aunt Caroline who recently turned 97.  Look at my gut! Jeeeesssh Gods!!! Talk about a pot  belly!!!!

I was using a popular Herbal weight loss program and actually started to lose weight. But it was the famous yo-yo routine. Take it off, put it back on.  I spend hours in the gym. Up to 90 minutes on the treadmill. And created my own “Iron Man Aerobic” routine of 90 minutes of non stop cardio going form the treadmill to the lifecycle, then to the aerobic rower and finish with the stair climber. I did lose weight with this but was always exhausted and what a lot of time spent in the gym!

My clothes were tight. I was bulging all over. Waist definitely sticking out. Big potbelly.  This was embarrassing.

That was then. Now this is now. Last night I weighed in at 176 1/4. A huge Drop.

Now down to 176 1/4 and still dropping. I started this program on Sept 5, 2015.  This program works fast.

My blood pressure was high, 165/115, high pulse. Now down to 120/80, normal pulse. Body fat has decreased by 40%. Waist down 7 inches. Feel much better. No, I’m not thin. But thinner. More to the point as a 64 year old senior citizen, I had been fighting the yo-yo weight loss-gain it back for years. Now I finally found something that works and keeps working.

A question I get is, “Ok it’s working for you, who else is it working for?’ Good question. Check this out…..

Here are a few more…………

My goal was to get down to 165-170. Now I have set a new goal of 155-160 which is more appropiate for someone my height

This program allows you to eat real foods, has four products plus FREE coaching. The fat melts right off.  By the way, didn’t just lose weight, lost fat, lost inches, gained energy and feel incredible!

Within the next five years this weight loss program will become a household name and everyone will be using it.  Have you tried to lose weight and been dissappointed with the results? If you tried the rest, now try the best. Nothing works better than this. I have tried them all. And if it works this well for a 64 year old, with one kidney who had a heart attack, what can it do for you?

By the way, I am healthier than I have been in years. Feel like I found the fountain of youth.

Message, text or call me (407) 761-3055